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Do you have a dispute with a business?

If you have an unresolved dispute then make it public by filing it on the Business Disputes Register, the local and international register of disputes and resolution service. Making a dispute public motivates the party in the wrong to seek a rapid resolution.

Unpaid invoice? Breach of Contract? Debt Recovery?

Why register a dispute?

  • It makes a pubic record of your dissatisfaction.
  • It is a good first step in escalating the dispute, and may save substantial costs in legal and court fees.
  • Public scrutiny will pressure the party in the wrong to make amends.
  • It warns others people about the business in dispute.

Filing fee

US $ 20.00

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File a dispute

Why is this service not free?

  • To block spam and trivial disputes.
  • To cover cost of hosting and dissemination.
  • Paying a small fee is proof that the dispute is genuine and serious.
  • You may be able to recover the fee from the other party.

See an example of a registered dispute or see recent disputes listed below.

Will the Accused Company be notified?

An automatic notification email will be sent to the other party.

Can the Accused Company respond?

Yes. The other party can respond, and then you can counter-respond. The aim is to restart the discussion and prompt the other party to seek a resolution.

Can I remove the dispute at a later date?

Yes. You are in control and you are able to remove the dispute from the Register at any time. This motivates the other party to seek a resolution.

How will the dispute go public?

The dispute will be immediately available on the internet for Search Engines to index, typically within 2 to 14 days. Members of the public will discover the dispute when they search for the name of the company you have a dispute with.

What are typical disputes?

The most common disputes are:

  • Unpaid Invoice
  • Poor Quality
  • Unfulfilled Contract
  • Fraud
  • Negligence
  • Cost Dispute
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Anti-Competitive Behaviour
  • "Cowboy Builder"
Dispute with Country Currency Amount Category
GRAPH BLOCKCHAIN LIMITED Canada CAD 3,955 Unpaid invoice
FLOWRITE PLUMBING PTY. LTD. Australia AUD 550 Unpaid invoice
PPL PRS LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 1,017 Unethical practices
TRIUMPH AU PTY LTD Australia AUD 682 Unpaid invoice
UFC GYM UK LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 8,715 Unpaid invoice
DFS TRADING LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 2,574 Non delivery of Goods
Atelier Milano Australia AUD 250 Unpaid invoice
AURELIUS DESIGN PTY LTD Australia AUD 29,535 Unpaid invoice
Grand nail and spa United States - Florida AUD 17,000 Unpaid invoice
ELITE CATERERS LIMITED New Zealand NZD 2,006 Unpaid invoice
BUSINESS FLIGHTS LTD United Kingdom GBP 3,921 Unpaid refund
ALLEN PRICE CARPENTRY & JOINERY LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 19,733 Unpaid invoice
ICFL LTD United Kingdom GBP 22,500 Unpaid invoice
BROSÉ WINE LTD United Kingdom GBP 24,357 Unpaid invoice
V3RO Ltd United Kingdom GBP 70,000 Unfulfilled contract
Semper Contracting Ltd United Kingdom GBP 3,380 Unpaid invoice
The Bentley Pub group Ltd United Kingdom GBP 6,476 Unpaid invoice
Kernow merchant services ltd United Kingdom GBP 1,871 Other
11310356 Canada Inc. Canada CAD 397 Unpaid invoice
Vetted Limited t/a Checkatrade United Kingdom GBP 31,000 Negligence
EDDIES AUTO SERVICES CENTRE Australia AUD 17,105 Unpaid invoice
J STONEMAN construction / drone surveys /46 years specialists in damp / roofing specialists/ drains United Kingdom GBP 10,000 Non performance of Services
KENDAL HOMES BRISTOL LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 56,000 Unfulfilled contract
ASPECT MAINTENANCE SERVICES LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 204 Cost dispute / Over-charge
5POINT PROJECTS PTY LTD Australia AUD 5,878 Unpaid invoice
Olivetta on River Australia AUD 1,819 Unpaid invoice
MG INDUSTRIES INC. Canada CAD 8,794 Unpaid invoice
Vasy & Son Ltd United Kingdom GBP 2,080 Unfulfilled contract
BSA WHEELS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Australia AUD 3,000 Poor Quality
PERDUCO LTD United Kingdom GBP 33,635 Unpaid invoice
SKAND CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANCY LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 37,000 Unfulfilled contract
SYDNEY KCC PTY LTD Australia AUD 6,088 Unpaid invoice
Alice’s garden Australia AUD 2,188 Fraud
Cosi’s Cafe Australia AUD 410 Unpaid invoice
THAMES SOLAR ELECTRIC LTD United Kingdom GBP 223,359 Unfulfilled contract
KITCHEN LOVE LTD United Kingdom GBP 6,400 Unpaid invoice
Bright clean services Australia AUD 465 Unpaid invoice
QHOME AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Australia AUD 7,018 Unpaid invoice
KITCHEN LOVE LTD United Kingdom GBP 8,500 Unpaid invoice
Project and Construction LTD United Kingdom GBP 43,700 Poor Quality
GLASS WORKS GROUP LTD United Kingdom GBP 12,470 Fraud
FRONTLINE FALL PROTECTION INC. United States - Florida USD 18,365 Unpaid invoice
LUXE CO CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD Australia AUD 2,350 Unpaid invoice
401 Records Canada CAD 260 Unpaid invoice
lachlan valley hotel Australia AUD 33,225 Unpaid invoice
SJM DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD Australia AUD 3,881 Unpaid invoice
OREA MINING CORP. Canada CAD 47,008 Unpaid invoice
Brain Bee LLC United States - Alabama USD 40,000 Unpaid invoice
WEBB FLINT LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 1,000 Negligence