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Do you have a dispute with a commercial business?

Register your dispute on, the local and international register of disputes and resolution service. If you have an unresolved disagreement with a commercial entity then file it on the business disputes register to make it public. This service is available to both private individuals and companies.

Unpaid invoice? Breach of Contract? Negligence?

Why register a dispute?

  • Show the other party that you are serious about your dispute.
  • Motivate the other party to resolve your dispute in order to remove your dispute from the register.
  • Warn other companies about doing business with the other party. (Your dispute will be Search Engine Optimized).

Filing fee

USD 20.00

Not your currency? We are global
File a dispute

Why is this service not free?

  • To stop spam and trivial disputes.
  • Paying a small fee demonstrates your dispute is serious.
  • To cover costs of hosting and SEO efforts.

Click here to see an example of a registered dispute or see recent disputes listed below.

Will the Accused Company be notified?

An automatic notification email can be sent to the other party.

Can the Accused Company respond?

Yes. The other party has the right to respond to your dispute, and you can counter-respond. The goal is to motivate the other party to seek a resolution.

Can I remove the dispute at a later date?

Yes, you are in control. If the dispute has been resolved you will have an obligation to remove it from the Register. This is important as it gives added encouragement to the other party to seek a resolution.


What are typical disputes?

The most common disputes are:

  • Unpaid Invoice
  • Poor Quality / Poor Workmanship / "Cowboy Builder"
  • Cost Dispute
  • Unfulfilled Contract
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Fraud
  • Negligence
  • Anti-Competitive Behaviour
  • Other
Dispute with Country Currency Amount Category
2438665 Alberta Inc. Canada CAD 19,098 Fraud
WEE CONDO MANAGEMENT LTD. Canada CAD 7,840 Unpaid invoice
MERCIA GARDEN PRODUCTS LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 750 Non performance of Services
Affix Scaffolding United Kingdom GBP 850 Breach of terms
ECO CONSTRUCTION CARDIFF LTD United Kingdom GBP 2,500 Poor Quality
TJW PROJECTS LTD United Kingdom GBP 30,000 Poor Quality
GO MODULAR TECHNOLOGIES (UK) LTD United Kingdom GBP 237,999 Unfulfilled contract
BC2 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION LTD United Kingdom GBP 146,000 Unfulfilled contract
HAMMOND HOMES (MANAGEMENT COMPANY) LTD United Kingdom GBP 2,216 Unfulfilled contract
Amazing Vacation Club Inc. Canada CAD 741 Unpaid invoice
REVOLUTION RIM REPAIRS PTY LTD Australia AUD 2,014 Unpaid invoice
S.GRAY BUILDING LTD United Kingdom GBP 9,000 Cost dispute / Over-charge
TRIVELLES HOTELS LTD United Kingdom GBP 80,984 Unfulfilled contract
STYLE MY BATHROOM PTY LTD Australia AUD 2,673 Unpaid invoice
NUSPACE DESIGN AND BUILD LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 90,000 Breach of terms
APACHE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 35,000 Cost dispute / Over-charge
DATCHWORTH GROUP LTD United Kingdom GBP 20,000 Unfulfilled contract
ENVIROBUILT LIMITED United Kingdom GBP 25,000 Unfulfilled contract
Talk Talk Telecom ltd United Kingdom GBP 0 Non performance of Services