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The Business Disputes Register exists to encourage better business behaviour and with that goal a number or articles and resources are regularly published here. Subjects range from advice on how to resolve disputes to articles exploring the statistics of business disputes and unethical corporate practices. The articles are free to access and to share. You are free to reproduce any part of the articles provided you attribute the source to

The International Arbitration Statistics Report
Report on the latest international arbitration statistics and short profiles of main international arbitration organisations
UK Insolvency Statistics
Insolvency rates vary significantly by Industry. Publishing of newspapers has the highest rate. Companies over 40 years old have higher insolvency rates than younger companies. Companies seem to go through a danger phase when they are 9 years old. Age related insolvency trends vary considerably by industry.
Late and Unpaid Invoices - UK statistics
The Small Business, Employment and Enterprise Act 2015 came into force in 2016 which obliged large and listed companies in the UK to report their payment practices, such as average payment days and the proportion of invoices they pay beyond agreed terms.
Unpaid Invoice - Australia
You have a client based in Australia who is failing to pay your invoice despite sending multiple reminders and phone calls pleading for payment. Chasing payment is stressful and time-consuming and is not yielding results. What can you do now?
Intellectual Property infringement - England and Wales
If you discover that another company is infring your intellectual property the you should seek immediate recourse.
Company Registries by country
If you have a dispute with a company, you will often need key information such as the company number, registered address and names of directors, in order to take your dispute to the next level. All countries have a register of companies, but not all of these are open to the public.
Unpaid Invoice - USA
If you have a client in the United States who is failing to pay your invoice then you have a number of options available to you to solve the problem. The obvious solution is to hire an attorney, but this can be very costly and you run the risk of the cost of exceeding your client's debt. Fortunately there are alternative and more affordable solutions such as mediation, arbitration, going to small claims court and filing with the Business Disputes Register.
Unpaid Invoice - UK
You have a UK based client who is not paying your invoice. You have sent the invoice, sent a reminder, emailed the client several times and made phone calls as well, but the invoice is still not paid. You realise that your time is precious and chasing payment is getting expensive. The experience is stressful and a waste of valuable resources. What are your options?