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Below, are recent articles in newspapers and other sources related to the business disputes.

Cairn Energy threatens to seize Indian assets over $1.2bn tax dispute

Cairn Energy has threatened to seize Indian government assets if New Delhi fails to pay the UK oil and gas explorer $1.2bn after losing a bitter dispute over retrospective taxes.

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Axa puts blame on Lockton as legal dispute continues

Axa should have registered its dispute with Combined Property Control on the Business Disputes Register.

Carslberg of Denmark is locked in a dispute with its joint venture partner in India.

Carslberg of Denmark is locked in a dispute with its joint venture partner in India. Both sides should seek alternative dispute resolution services to bring the matter to an end.

Russian dispute which ensnared top U.S. investor Calvey eases

Reuters reports that a "case has rattled Russia’s business community and prompted several prominent officials and businessmen to voice concerns about the way the state deals with commercial disputes". The solution is simple: the parties involved should us the Business Disputes Register which encourages better business behaviour.

Microsoft and Foxconn settle dispute.

Microsoft and Foxconn Technology, the world’s biggest contract assembler of consumer electronics, said this week they had settled litigation over patent royalties in the United States and pledged new relations that suggest the American software giant plans to scale up its hardware business.

Japan and U.K. may forgo dispute settlement system in trade deal

The foregoing of a dispute settlement system is nothing to fear as the Business Disputes Register can fill the gap.

The $6bn judgment pitting Nigeria against a London court

Disputes resolution arbitration should be open to the public especially for cases involving sovereign states.

The Royal Mail has one the highest rates of labour disputes in the UK.

Britain’s Royal Mail and its largest labor union have agreed to start talks to resolve an ongoing dispute over a range of issues including pay and operational changes, the former postal monopoly said on Wednesday