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Swan Hotel Richmond
Ref: 2325
Filed: 02/09/2023

Accused Company:

Swan Hotel Richmond

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Trading Name:
Company number: au-41 010 083 196
Website: theswan.com.au/

425 Church Street Richmond, Melbourne VIC 3121

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: AUD 7,158.00

Dispute details:

Multiple Unpaid Invoices for graphic design / media work

Manager and Owner have been contacted repeatedly over unpaid invoices for all three of their venues: THE KINGSTON "MARBLE & PEARL" / THE SWAN HOTEL, RICHMOND AND PUBLIC HOUSE, RICHMOND. These outstanding invoices date back 2 years. We gave the company a generous amount of time to pay their debts and after being promised payment they are no longer responding to emails / calls.

We are a small design company and created digital and printed artwork as well as web design work for this company's 3 venues in good faith. The venues stopped paying their invoices but still requested work and confirmed that the debt would definitely be paid. After repeatedly contacting all three venues our company had to cease working for the Swan / Kingston and Public House Richmond as they owed over $10,000. We were given a small payment when we turned off their website but they no longer repsond to our requests for payment.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Repeated calls and emails unanswered. Have also found out they owe a lot of other companies.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Melissa Grant

Newcastle , Australia

oneandthree studio