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Ref: 2148
Filed: 16/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: au-50 640 591 368

SYDNEY, New South Wales, 2000

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: AUD 8,440.85

Dispute details:

Unpaid Invoices by PAFFAS & CO PTY LTD

We worked for this company in February 2023 in Earlwood. Now the builder is in dispute with the client and our invoices have not been paid. We have contacted both parties and each one says they have paid the other. We also worked with them on another project in Northbridge and we have received no payment there either. The owner just keeps saying he has not been paid by the client.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Initially there was minimal response, because of family issues. Now the owner of Paffas has responded with lots of excuses and delays but no attempt to make any payments or even partial payments.

Response to accusation (by accused):

Paffas and Co is currently in a legal battle with a client over a large sum of monies for Project Management works completed. Laura and her team have been fully up to date with the process of this and we intend to keep the matter in house. We disagree and dispute the details that LH Sydney PTY LTD have disclosed. Our legal team are dealing with these matters.

Counter Response (by complainant):

The representative of Paffas and Co is correct that he has advised he is in a legal dispute with his client but that is not our concern. We still have to pay our workers, they have families and expenses to look after. Also there are a few outstanding invoices and only one is from the legal dispute. What about the other invoices why have they not been paid? This person and his company are full of excuses, no real attempt to pay for services and work done, no partial payment or talk about a payment plan. He just doesn't want to pay. He has done the same with the project manager on site and with other trades. Be very careful of this company.


Laura Rodriguez

Bankstown , Australia

All Solutions Investments Pty Ltd