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Ref: 1650
Filed: 15/09/2022

Accused Company:


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Company number: au-608025270

BENTLEIGH EAST, Victoria, 3165

Allegation: Fraud

Value: AUD 125,000.00

Dispute details:

Fraudulent Waterproofing Certificate and non- delivery of goods fully paid for

Dispute regarding being overcharged for excess tiles (not delivered) and also being charged for tiles not laid.
Discrepancies have been found on two seperate jobs that were measured and quoted as a package deal by Brighton Flooring. The first discrepancy totalling approx $68,000 and the second discrepancy approx $57,000. Our company was also provided with a fraudulent waterproofing certificate fabricated by Brighton Flooring due to the tiler with-holding the certificate from Brighton Flooring as monies were owed by Brighton Flooring to the tiler.
Brighton Flooring is currently holding approx $57,000 worth of fully paid for stock by our Company and not providing delivery as agreed after requesting delivery fee up front which was paid in full and delivery agreed upon which we are still waiting for and calls remain unanswered.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Many attempts to meet with Brighton Flooring onsite to check measure final product delivered and laid resulted in much time wasted by our company as many times this was re-scheduled by Brighton Flooring or just didn't show up. Finally a meeting took place onsite and check measure was completed by both parties and it would turn out that we were in fact correct and approx 300sqm of tiles short which we are told by Brighton Flooring that were thrown out on the job site. Furthermore after trying to resolve the issue and requesting delivery dockets were are told they will not be produced and that we have no right to see them. However this would very easily confirm the amount delivered to our site. Brighton Flooring demanded more money upfront for delivery of fully paid tiles before releasing them, in good faith our Company paid the delivery fee and it would appear that Brighton Flooring have not held up there side of the agreement to deliver the tiles as we are still waiting for our delivery which has been fully paid for with no answer as to when to expect our delivery.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Kerrie Taylor

BERWICK , Australia

Garrob Industries Pty Ltd