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Ref: 1326
Filed: 16/06/2021

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Accused Company:

Company number: au-611113707


Value: AUD 100.00

Dispute details:

Invoice for Esperance Logo Design Unpaid

The founder approached me to design a logo for one of his projects in February 2021 and I delivered the logo to him on 24th February 2021. An invoice for $100 as agreed with the founder was issued to the founder and his finance department on 20th April 2021 and remains unpaid. The logo I designed for the project "Esperance" is currently being used by the company and is visible on their website www.timothyjamesptyltd.com.au

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The first reminder for payment of the invoice was sent on 29th May, 10 days after the the 30-day term of the invoice.

A second reminder was sent via email on 9th June 2021 requesting the founder to honour the invoice along with an SMS sent to his personal phone.

The invoice remains unpaid.

Response to accusation (by accused):

Nothing Filed yet
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Counter Response (by plaintiff):

Nothing Filed yet

Plaintiff Person:

Sunit Sanghvi

Adelaide, Australia