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Ref: 1988
Filed: 13/02/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: au-653590106

KELMSCOTT, Western Australia, 6111

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: AUD 1,200.00

Dispute details:

Home Tree/Eveolution festival doesn’t pay their artists/musicians

All attempts made to resolve this amicably but owner has outright told me they are not going to pay the agreed amount for a HEADLINING dj performance on the main stage at their New Year’s Eve festival.
Owner has tried to turn the business legal after many years of ILLEGAL outdoor festivals. Where I was paid the agreed amount for many years.

Initially the owner was not happy I invoice him more than expected, I have told him that it was because I played a 80 minute set instead as the DJ before me did not plug his laptop in. Causing it to turn off during his performance, instead of turning it back on he left the stage entirely.
Leaving the owner of this festival standing over my equipment I had already set up about to press play (20 minutes before I was ment to start)
The next dj did not arrive till his allocated time so I had to play for an extra 20 minutes. An extra $200 was added to the invoice because of this.

This left the owner feeling some sense of entitlement and proceeded to pay me some money he already owed me from a previous gig but not any from this event.
(3 months after the previous event) I assume he is trying to assert some kind of NEANDERTHAL like dominance by doing this, as a professional business owner would just pay all fees owed in the time frames expected.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple emails, multiple Facebook messages and posts on their wall.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Jarrod Crosbie

Mandurah , Australia

Dank Stank