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Ref: 2165
Filed: 24/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: au-662616275

BENDIGO, Victoria, 3550

Allegation: Unpaid refund

Value: AUD 2,144.00

Dispute details:

None Delivery of goods agreed to refund

Torqueline Garage Order # 15055 Goods ordered 01/03/23 at time of ordering was told parts were in stock received 1 of 2 items within first week. Torqueline will not reply to emails or phone calls and when they do just keep getting told its on its way do not know when waiting on a reply from there supplier. They said they would refund me the full amount if I wished. 11 weeks now and I sent email with bank details requesting refund.
Would not answer my calls so I phoned from wifes phone on 19/05/23 they said it would be paid that day.
24/05/23 NO Refund and will not answer my calls from any number I call from.
I have checked on reviews and feedback on Torqueline sites and seems I am one of many that have been scammed by this mob.
I will persue this to the extent that I confront them in person this business needs to be shut down by Australian authorities. I would appreciate what ever you people can do thank you Darren Smith

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Phone calls and emails was told I will receive refund

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Darren Bryan Smith

Cornubia , Australia