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Ref: 2366
Filed: 05/10/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: au-78630262789

2164 NSW

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: AUD 1,155.00

Dispute details:

After 8 weeks of work designing a catalogue i was told i would only be paid my final invoice if I handed over the working files

I was approached by the company for the job of correcting the work of your previous graphic designer which was unfinished and not suitable for use, so I had to design an entirely new catalogue (80+ pages)

After many back and forth conversations between both parties, it is my assumption they have realised that my work that i invested a determined amount of time and effort into may became too costly as they couldn’t provide corrections, changes, or images in a timely manner which caused the project to go for much longer.

At which point the company decided to ask me for the working files so they could -

A) Complete the work themselves to not have to pay anyone else for doing so. Or
B) Hire someone with less experience or who isn’t as highly rated to complete the work for a less of charge

Which is their right to do but definitely not before you have fully compensated me for my time and the work i took the time to complete for the company.

As a company when you outsource an independent contractor in NSW I’m sure you already know that it’s a condition of work to present the trader with a payment agreement and/or a contract. Also I know they would already be aware that being a business of that level and not paying independent contractors falls under the category of the NSW Law Obtaining benefit by Deception

After many back and fourth conversions i have sent them a letter of demand, notices, etc. only to have their management call myself a joke and have negligent, unprofessional and inappropriate communications through email which is an embarrassment to eSafety Supplies to say the least.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

60 days overdue, multiple notice emails sent, multiple attempts to call, letter of demand sent

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Sydney , Australia