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C.R. Contractor Ltd.
Ref: 2208
Filed: 21/06/2023

Accused Company:

C.R. Contractor Ltd.

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Company number: ca-0
Website: www.crcontractorltd.ca/

3347 58th Ave SE
Calgary, AB. T2C 0B4

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 8,041.47

Dispute details:

Patience Exhausted

We're a small computer consulting business. For years, the company paid our invoices with relatively consistent timing. During Covid, a lot of our customers were far slower in paying their bills and we understood that. On many occasions, we extended an offer of making payments on our open invoices which was met with silence. Month after month, requests were made for SOME activity on the outstanding balance - again, met with silence. Then they decided that they no longer required our services - after all the grace that we had extended them (including still doing work for them even though they had a large open balance). When someone (the office manager) did finally get in touch with us, promises would be made, but never kept.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

As indicated, offers were made to have the customer make payments on the outstanding balance while maintaining service with us. This was met with silence. When someone finally contacted us, promises were made, we were told "not to worry, you'll be paid". Followed by silence. Then they discontinued services with us. How's that for gratitude? Even after they discontinued services with us they indicated that they were still intending to pay off the outstanding balance.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Brigitte Haberl

Cochrane , Canada - Alberta

Lions Park Computers Ltd.