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one touch restoration ltd
Ref: 2446
Filed: 18/12/2023

Accused Company:

one touch restoration ltd

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Company number: ca-

16783 18b ave
surrey bc v3z 1a2

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 8,922.09

Dispute details:

landscaping work

what ws discussed to do 2 foot retaining wall with ties to at top and 3 foot to do at bottom that changed to 3 foot at top and 4 foot at bottom clean top and remove bushes and add topsoil remove shed in back and remove grass from back and prune tree branch's all this went dump on my cost and clean up in backyard lay grass barriers and topsoil and drain tile was layer to pick up all the ground water i end up paying for all the material and 3 trailer deliveries to this address because to weight of ties it was suppose to be delivered but didn't... so i had to pick up because i had this job Lind up for my labor and it was quoted for 5500 which was under quoted amount of work we had to because owner kept changing everything and it took 14 day to finish 2 labor and machine and i had to pay for all the material which was not part of deal because of this job took so long after 14 days i didn't time to do Rockwall which im willing take 1000 off and day work so owner doesn't want to pay for time and for material which i had to pay out of my pocket again which was not part of deal because i haven't done his rock wall and willing to take 1000 off but he's taking advantage off that i have all bills to show and will labor to grab all the material which he never got charged for.

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