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ReConstruct Pro
Ref: 2412
Filed: 15/11/2023

Accused Company:

ReConstruct Pro

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Company number: ca-2551863 ONTARIO INC.

Ottawa, ON

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 9,963.49

Dispute details:

Unpaid Invoice, Unsubstantiated Claims, Negligence of Court Duties

I have been performing contract work for this business for nearly three years, and would frequently provide goods and/or services without deposit as we had a good relationship.

The owner/operator accepted goods delivered by me in March 2023 without issue. He then failed to pay the outstanding invoice and ignored my multiple emails requesting explanation or payment. In July 2023 I filed a suit in Small Claims court, which finally prompted a response. The owner/operator admitted to withholding payment citing quality issues with goods that I had delivered in October and December of 2022. These goods had since been worked on by his employees without informing me of the specific damage claims or giving me an opportunity to repair or replace them.

I attempted to negotiate a resolution for months and finally accepted an agreement of settlement. I provided paperwork in mid-September which was not returned until late October and as of mid-November no payment has been remitted.

It is clear that this person has no intention of reaching an agreement and is simply wasting time in a petty display of bad faith business. I am not the first person to have issues (legal and business-related) with this person and I'm certain that I shall not be the last.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

- months of emails requesting payment (ignored)
- multiple offers of service or partial refund (ignored)
- multiple requests for proof of damages and repairs performed (ignored and unsubstantiated)
- multiple attempts at compromise to determine a fair payment value
- weeks (or months) of waiting for responses to emails
- weeks of waiting for settlement paperwork
- weeks of waiting for settlement payment
- Default Judgment finally obtained through the court system after the owner/operator/defendant neglected to file a defence or make any attempt to uphold his own claims.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Murray Spencer

Ottawa , Canada - Yukon