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Ref: 1966
Filed: 03/02/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-AB_2018161733

Canada - Alberta

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 8,977.50

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoice for work done on a signed PO (TEI- MARLOWE-RW 2022 PO no. 001)

Tallahassee Exploration reached out to me for road work consulting in sept of 2022 PO was agreed upon and signed by both parties prior to work commencing. Work completed in October of 2022, invoice sent in and signed by Tallahassee Employee, Multiple discussions had about payment. PO stated net 45 days. Accommodations where to be provided for this job as it was remote last minute had to book and ay for hotel with our own funds to be reimbursed. Phone call to myself from Tallahassee stating an apology on this matter. Email sent stating check run of January 2023 would have this cleared up. NOTHING NO RESPONSE JUST AN EMAIL ASKING SOMEONE ELSE TO LOOK INTO. NO PAYMENT AT ALL FROM Tallahassee Exploration Inc. PAYMENT IS WELL OVER THE NET 45 DAYS AS PROMMISED BY Tallahassee Exploration Inc. Our company is a small family run company and a hit like this

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple phone calls, emails, emails sent to multiple persons within the company, Multiple calls to there number on webpage but phone never answered by a person just a recording. Mass email sent to multiple employees and departments with no response.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Jeff Rodrigue & Shelly Heimbechner

Grovedale , Canada - Alberta

Rodrigue Contracting Inc.