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Ref: 2352
Filed: 22/09/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-BC_BC0322690

Vancouver, BC

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 40,677.45

Dispute details:

Unpaid Invoices

Our company was originally contracted by the Company to provide Investor Relations (IR) services in June of 2021, and in May of 2022 we renegotiated the contract given the company was under new leadership. Under the new CEO and new contract, we provided services continuously from May 2022 until January of 2023. During this period, the company paid invoices in a timely manner but payments ceased in October 2022, although the CEO assured us the payments would be forthcoming. In good faith, we continued to service the company given our relationship with the CEO. In February of 2023, the CEO ceased using our services and stopped communicating altogether.

Our attempts to engage in open and transparent communication with the CEO have been met with a complete breakdown in contact. Despite repeated requests for payment or even visibility into the company’s intentions, including the option of a payment plan over time, all forms of communication, including emails, phone calls, text messages and written correspondence, have gone unanswered. This sudden and unexplained silence has left us in a state of uncertainty and severely hampered our ability to address the situation effectively.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Numerous forms of correspondence, offering to set up a payment plan and requests for some visibility into the company’s intent.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Christa Leamon

Calgary, AB , Canada