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0929736 B.C. LTD.
Ref: 2494
Filed: 05/02/2024

Accused Company:

0929736 B.C. LTD.

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Company number: ca-BC_BC1206672
Website: winmarfraservalley.com/

Abbotsford, BC
Canada - British Columbia

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 49,933.53

Dispute details:

Winmar® Fraser Valley Unpaid Invoices

Winmar® Fraser Valley owes our company $49,933.53 over two invoices for two separate projects both dated August 3, 2023. Work completed for the two invoices was for carpentry services, emergency mold remediation and emergency fire demolition. On both invoices it clearly states payment terms, that were also agreed to by Winmar® Fraser Valley, of 60 days. As of today it has been 186 days since the date of both invoices and no payments have been made to either invoice.

Winmar® Fraser Valley contested one of the invoices on or around December 27, 2023, 136 days(over 4 months) after invoice was sent and received. According to our records, the contested invoice was viewed 51 times by employees at Winmar® Fraser Valley. The contested invoice is also in a series of other invoices for the same project, with the same pricing and those other invoices have already been paid. Despite this, we have made multiple offers of resolution and discounts on the contested invoice and all offers have been declined by Winmar® Fraser Valley.

There has been no contest to the other (uncontested) invoice outstanding and there still has been no payment on this either. We offered a significant concession to the contested invoice on the terms that we would be paid for all outstanding amounts. They declined this offer and negotiations have gone no where.

As of today, there has still been no payments to either invoices. Winmar® Fraser Valley is taking the stance that they are withholding payments on both invoices until they themselves have been paid for one of the projects, even though both invoices state Net60 and Net60 was agreed upon by both parties.

Small Businesses and especially General Contractors beware of this company, they will not pay you. All communications have been directly through the owner of Winmar® Fraser Valley or the Office Manager because their Accounts Payable personnel were terminated, according to them.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple offers of resolutions were brought forth to Winmar® Fraser Valley however, all were declined and no re-negotiation offers were sent. Negotiations did not go anywhere. From our understanding, and without our authorization, Winmar® Fraser Valley edited our invoices and sent them to a third party.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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David Fearns

Burnaby , Canada - British Columbia