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11310356 Canada Inc.
Ref: 1796
Filed: 30/11/2022

Accused Company:

11310356 Canada Inc.

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Company number: ca-CC_11310356


Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 397.08

Dispute details:

Unpaid Invoice

The owner of this company claims that I owe her money and has wrongfully deducted/partially paid my last invoices. I resigned from my role at 11310356 Canada Inc, and on my last day, I was handed a bill for $397.08. Packaging for a new product got printed in the wrong size, and the company wants me to pay for this error. My contract states that I am to provide a print-ready file and does not state that I am to authorize any purchases or proofs for the company. I provided a print-ready file in the correct size for print. From there on, I had no communication with the printing company. I was shocked that the packaging arrived printed in inches rather than centimeters. The printing company would have had to change the file to print it at such a large size. It is still unclear who directed them to do so since I was not involved in any communications with them but only the company was. The printing company reportedly (by the owner via email) owned up to the mistake. 11310356 Canada Inc tried to pin the blame on me, and I told them I would not take responsibility for their mistake. This company waited until the last day of notice to pay my invoices to me and then short-paid me.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The client will not pay the invoice in full and I have given reminders and final demand.

Response to accusation (by accused):

I have an impeccable record after 29 years of being an entrepreneur and business owner. I am not afraid of unfounded attempts of defamation as I/my business have not done anything wrong. Mr. Bretz knows as well as I do what happened: He made a mistake. Unfortunately, he reacted by stomping out of my office, not answering my calls, and certainly not returning them. His only way was to send threatening emails. I do not respond to those. I am a professional businessperson and always do my best to act that way. I do not go down to some people's level, especially when they believe they are entitled to not sure what. Mr. Bretz made a mistake that cost my company $397. We are not in the business of losing money, moreover when the error was made by someone that is not capable of being accountable for it. Not interested in public debates. As Mr. Bretz knew since the first day he worked for the company, my door is always open, and I do believe communication is the best tool to find resolution to any issue. Threats and attempts of public defamation are not. Conclusion: We owed Mr. Bretz $477.00; he owed our company $397.08. We processed payment of $79.92. Simple math.

Counter Response (by plaintiff):

After resignation, it became apparent to me that all forms of contact needed to be documented via email. No threatening emails were sent and no public defamation occurred. Invoice is still unpaid.


Dylan Bretz

Edmonton , Canada - Alberta