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Ref: 2003
Filed: 25/02/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-CC_13175227

Toronto, Ontario
Canada - Ontario

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 80,000.00

Dispute details:

No payment for product received and they have processed and sold

I am very frustrated. I work hard to look after myself and my family. I do this on my own. I decided to grow hemp because after a lot of research it sounded wonderful. Great for all of us, the soil, the air, our homes …the list as many of you know is lengthy. I chose to grow for medicinal purposes so my main aim was the flower for oil and isolate.

Unfortunately I can not grow again this year because I have put everything I have into this and everyone of the LPs that I have dealt with, made contacts with, grew for, have all abandoned me.

I am angry. I am now waiting for payment for a company that I had worked with, planned with, waited for two years for them to get going. I was suppose to be their supplier. My product was good. They made me feel like here was my purpose we were a team. I even grew last year because I was one of three of their suppliers. I have over 40000 kg of dried hemp. They made me change my way of getting paid so I would get a percentage of what they were paid when the product was sold instead of being paid for the hemp. I was going to do better if the payment plan was done this way so they said. I have done everything they asked of me spent $$ on testings, special packaging, shipping expenses let alone everything to actually grow, harvest and dry. I delivered last year and it is now almost the end of June. I know they’ve sold my product. No $$$ have I seen. I have called, emailed, texted three major members of this company who boasts how great they are doing but can’t pay me?? They ghost me , don’t return calls, put me off they’ll call back. But they don’t. I’ve begged them that I need the $$ because I’m in a financial hole because I believed and trusted these people. Oh and the best part is I was told they made so many kg of isolate with my 1000 pounds I delivered. Now they are telling me it is less. How does that happen ??? How do you lose kg of isolate that you report to me in the first place just when it’s time to pay? No explanation no calls returned again. Yet I see they are selling …where is my part???
Now I got a phone call they are going bankrupt and they don’t even know what they owe me. Told me they’d call me back next day to see what they could find snd lol. No phone call returned. I sent them the hemp they requested, they made their product with it, sold it got their money, I want my payment. This is how farmers survive !!!!

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Many emails, (I have everyone of them in file) text messages, ( I have kept all of them) phone calls for months with the CEO, finance, sales rep,etc

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Wendy Kunderman

Tillsonburg , Canada

Hemp Origin Farms