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Nemorin Group Limited
Ref: 2123
Filed: 28/04/2023

Accused Company:

Nemorin Group Limited

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Company number: ca-CC_8125660

Ottawa, Ontario
Canada - Ontario

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 3,520.00

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoices, lack of communication.

I was hired by Nemorin Group Limited to do the following tasks.

- [ ] Cleaning and snow removal at various sites after contractors and installing bathroom hardware at one 8 unit site. Invoices for this work were sent March 10,2023 total of $1007.50,
March 17, 2023 total of $235.00,
March 19,2023 total of $312.50,
April 5,2023 total of $125.

- [ ] Caulking bathrooms, countertops, showers, etc. at one location. 8 units. Invoice for this work was sent on February 24/23 the total of $1,840.00. I signed a contract with them that said I was supposed to get paid 30 days after signing the contract.

The tasks were completed, the inspector was happy with the work, as was the project manager. But I haven’t been paid, I have followed up with them on various occasions with the owner telling me the invoices will be settled by the end of the week on April 9/23. After more than a few emails and texts sent. When I followed up with him he referred to me as someone else, which made me concerned about how many contractors he hasn’t paid. Nothing but a run around with this company. We were supposed to have a “chat” today and he still hasn’t called so I’m filing this business dispute in hopes of getting paid. This is only after multiple attempts at trying to resolve the issue and get more (any) answers has failed to work.

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Response to accusation (by accused):

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Glen Smith

Ottawa , Canada - Ontario