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Ref: 2399
Filed: 04/11/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-NS_3335033

Canada - Nova Scotia

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 8,000.00

Dispute details:

Payment Default

Company 3335033 NOVA SCOTIA LIMITED (O/A Madni Logistics) owner took services from us.

First payment of their invoice got bounced due to NSF. We reached out to the owner of Madni Logistics about this payment default and we were assured that payment will be sent shortly. We waited couple days and they didn't make the payment. we followed up again over the phone/messages but everytime they said we will send the payment soon.
Numerous reminders, calls, messages were sent and after 14 days from the due date, they started sending the money in installment. After the full payment was made, they assured that auto withdrawal will not bounce and we can collect the payment whenever it's due.
When we tried to collect the payment on the due date of next Invoice, after confirming with them, the payment got bounced due to NSF( non-sufficient funds), we followed up with again and below is the list of excuses that the owner has given so far for not paying our Invoices.

1) Our Truck broke down, mechanic charged us without approval. We need to pay him as well.
2) Our Factoring company is not making payment to us on time.
3) We will get funds from factoring company on Tuesday
4) We will get funds from factoring company on Friday
5) On Tuesday, one of our customers filed bankruptcy and our factoring company is not paying us, but we will pay you on friday or latest by next tuesday.
6) We have applied for loan and we will get it by next tuesday and we will pay most of your balances. Tuesday passed, follow up was done again. Excuse was, loan approved but we didn't get the wire transfer yet. We should get it by friday and we will pay you. Followed up after 3 days, excuse was wire-transfer didn't come yet.
7) My phone broke in which I have all bank account passwords saved. in short can't make the payment.
8) our house mortgage payment is due and we are short of funds.
9) I will ask my brother to help me with funds and send payments to you.
10) I will transfer the money by 7pm, followed up around 8 pm. no answer.
11) I am running only 1 truck and I am trying to cover all expenses by this truck.
12) owner was asked if okay to withdraw the payment. He said yes. We tried to withdraw and payment got declined due to NSF. Excuse was given by owner that I was expecting funds will come to my bank account but it didn't and I have no funds at all now to transfer the payment.

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Nipur Chawla

Brampton , Canada - Ontario