MONTE'S PREMIUM MEATS INC., Unpaid invoice Dispute, Order for product was placed on August 1, 2023. Invoice was created - Disputes Register
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Ref: 2507
Filed: 15/02/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-ON_1000446284

Etobicoke, Ontario
Canada - Ontario

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 1,717.15

Dispute details:

Outstanding INvoice

Order for product was placed on August 1, 2023. Invoice was created and sent August 1, 2023 stating delivery August 3, 2023. Term were also presented including first order COD and all following orders are Net30. Delivery was made August 3rd, 2023. Business was still being built but looked close to completion as shelves were slowly being stocked. No cheque was waiting and the people that were there didn't speak much English. They called the owner who said the accountant wouldn't be in until the next week. I decided to leave the order knowing how it is to start up a new business and asked the owner to pay as soon as he could. They opened in November.
Several e-mails and calls went ignored. The few times I managed to speak to the manager the response was 'I'm not the owner, I'm just the manager. Let me speak to him and I'll call you back.' It's now February 2024 and I continue to send invoices with compounded interest.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple calls and e-mails have been sent with no response. One email response came in stating that the product wasn't selling after they had advertised it and I should just come pick it up. This was several months after the order was delivered and no advertising had been done by them. They were notified that if payment we not received by a certain day that a dispute would be filed with the Dispute Register. Following that the media would be notified.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Shawna Harvey

Port Elgin , Canada - Ontario