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Ref: 2362
Filed: 03/10/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-ON_1951574

Toronto, Ontario
Canada - Yukon

Allegation: Unethical practices

Value: CAD 2,371.87

Dispute details:

Asking money with locking us in the contract by wrong doing

We put an ad on Kijiji to rent out our basement. Royal york management called us over and over to rent out our unit on behalf of us. They sent one representative with contract to take pictures and all. She just read what was useless and not mentioned any detail about the contract in front of my wife and myself even after asking 5 times that do we need to pay anything if we cancle the agreement within given term. She said no need to pay a thing just 2 days notice period. Within a week they got one single individual and no one else to see our basement for rental, I sent email I don't want to continue and they say it is breach of agreement whereas they never mentioned and got our signature. Now they are sending invoice and if I don't pay they will send it to collection.

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Akash Patel

Whitby , Canada