HATCH GROUP INC., Unpaid invoice Dispute, did consulting work for launch of products Omar Hatch:[+14165245445] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date - Disputes Register
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Ref: 1983
Filed: 12/02/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-ON_2612772

Canada - Ontario

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: CAD 2,642.00

Dispute details:

non payment as per verbal agreement

did consulting work for launch of products
Omar Hatch:[+14165245445]
Date Type Message
2021-11-04 11:51:24 Read Sorry I’m on another line, I will call you back
2021-11-04 12:02:54 Read Ok
2021-11-04 12:51:15 Read Hatch group Inc.

4181 Sladeview Crescent unit 36 Mississauga Ontario
L5L 5R2
2021-11-04 12:53:05 Read See you Monday Nov 8 at 10:30 Am
Omar Alrayiss
2021-11-04 13:02:01 Read See you then
2021-11-11 10:08:44 Read Good morning Omar
I have thought about getting into business with you and I must say you have great products
However I do not think that it would be fair to you to not be able to commit the time required to support your products
I have talked to MCC about joint partnership and they would be interested in meeting you asap
Let me know if you want me to help you with this
I’m really sorry that we did not met ten years ago
If you would like to put a marketing plan together for you with advertising champagne and sales support and possible partners etc I’m always interested
Thank you for your interest

Best regards

2021-11-11 10:12:24 Read Hi Wayne
Are you coming today or do you want me to call you
2021-11-11 10:13:00 Read Call please
2021-11-11 10:45:58 Read Andy he said he have time today can we make it today any time is good for you tomorrow he’s busy
2021-11-11 10:47:25 Read Ok how about 3pm today
2021-11-11 10:47:58 Read That’s good I will tell him to come at 3 pm today
2021-11-11 10:48:06 Read Ok
2021-11-11 12:08:11 Read Send me his contact information please
2021-11-11 12:21:16 Read 4168587359
2021-11-11 13:13:52 Read Sorry I’m on another line, I will call you back
2021-11-11 15:31:10 Sent Ok I talked to Andy for an hour re everything
His bottom line is that he wants 10 percent which is what everyone with experience wants and is justified
No need to come in he will start as soon as we agree
I think he will be good for us calling on the small guys
I would like to bring him on
2021-11-11 15:32:14 Sent Omar please send me tiff files with logos etc via email
2021-11-11 15:32:49 Read Pics of all everything
2021-11-12 13:28:14 Read Sorry I’m on another line, I will call you back
2021-11-12 13:28:32 Sent K
2021-11-12 13:29:07 Read Need to know ffd
It says 9 inches only
2021-11-12 14:12:13 Read Can you call me
2021-11-13 20:05:44 Read Good talk today a lot of fun
Have a successful trip stay positive
2021-11-13 20:06:45 Read Thank you very much I am very excited with you if you want anything from Mexico please let me know
2021-11-13 20:07:03 Read Tequila
2021-11-13 20:07:14 Read With worm
2021-11-13 20:07:53 Read Better costs
2021-11-13 20:08:50 Read Can you send me the picture
2021-11-13 20:09:02 Read Of what
2021-11-13 20:09:22 Read Tequila

2021-11-13 20:09:29 Read What’s the brand
2021-11-13 20:10:50 Read Anything would be fine I’m not a conissoeur
2021-11-13 20:11:08 Read ????????
2021-11-13 21:20:32 Read
2021-11-13 21:21:13 Read Please find out the test report for our x-ray it is matching all the Canadian standard
2021-11-13 21:25:45 Read Go to bed
2021-11-13 21:26:03 Read
2021-11-13 21:26:11 Read Good night
2021-11-13 21:26:15 Read It at first glance looks good
2021-11-14 13:06:36 Sent We are good to go just need to add and make changes to the manual
2021-11-14 13:07:05 Sent Send me renu contact info please

2021-11-14 13:08:02 Sent What is the best email for you to use for calendar that I created already sent to renu
2021-11-14 13:08:50 Sent I downloaded an app google calendar planner which looks good for you also for your schedule
2021-11-14 13:09:26 Sent Better planning with notes re meetings etc so that we all can communicate better
2021-11-14 13:09:41 Read Just do it please
2021-11-25 11:54:42 Read Sorry I’m on another line, I will call you back
2021-11-25 11:56:59 Read Need lead time for X-ray for Jason
2021-11-25 12:26:28 Read Can you call me now
2021-12-01 15:48:32 Sent Do you want me to come with MCC still tomorrow and with Andy on Friday
2021-12-01 15:50:23 Sent Please let me know so that I can advise others
I am telling everyone that my time of consultation with Hatch group is over as project is finished
2021-12-01 15:51:41 Read Please feel free to contact Andy and others directly
2021-12-01 16:04:14 Read Hi Wayne
Thank you very much for your time I will carry-on with MCC and the other work thank you very much again if I need you for any other think I will contact you in the future my regards OMAR
2021-12-01 22:30:44 Sent Please pay my invoice so that there is no bad feelings
Thank you
2021-12-01 22:32:31 Sent I will let Andy and MCC know that I will not be there
Also I will delete any and all files that I have
Wishing you much success
2021-12-01 23:09:11 Read If cash flow is an issue I can work with you on payment terms
2021-12-01 23:19:27 Read Our deal $2000 a month only so you work almost 2 weeks that means $1000 only I will arrange you check tomorrow and I mail it to your address send me your mailing address And the invoice for $1000 only this is our deal ?
2021-12-01 23:23:10 Read Wow I like the way you negotiate
Take it or leave it
Please pay the 2000
And I will forgive the mileage
To try to mitigate our situation
2021-12-01 23:24:07 Read Four Watt you didn’t complete one month ?
2021-12-01 23:24:26 Read you work only two weeks
2021-12-01 23:25:40 Read Please send The invoice to Renuka I am not free for this conversation thanks
2021-12-01 23:25:56 Read Good night
2021-12-01 23:26:07 Read Come on you know we talked about monthly
We never talked about partial payment terms
I started on nov 12
2021-12-01 23:26:44 Read I will send the revised invoice for 2000 if you ok it
2021-12-01 23:28:08 Read Do you think it’s fair you work 2 week and you ask for one month payment
2021-12-01 23:28:49 Read Yes I do as you are the one that terminated our contract not me
2021-12-01 23:29:35 Read We didn’t decide if I terminate you I will pay you one month
2021-12-01 23:29:46 Read I was still willing to help grow your business
2021-12-01 23:30:27 Read I appreciate your help but for this time we are not interested maybe in the future
2021-12-01 23:31:14 Read If you have cash issues please let me know
2021-12-01 23:32:56 Read Not at all
We don’t have any issue with the payment only should be follow up the gentleman deal
2021-12-01 23:36:29 Read I think you are a gentleman and businessman should be follow our gentleman agreement which one you agree for $2000 a month that’s it.
you work two weeks that means $1000 only don’t waste my time and your time if you like send us the invoice for $1000 only
send it to Renuka good night.
2021-12-01 23:46:10 Read You wanted my Rolodex more than you wanted my strategic sales approach which I reluctantly agreed to help you with
I understand that you have a control reluctance as this is your baby
However I did give at least 2500 worth of consultation
The same reason why we are discussing is why you will have problems moving forward with your company
Sorry I’m sure you think that I’m bitter but I’m not I believe that you don’t understand how the business side of the dental world really works
Just because you have a great deal with someone does not mean it is a successful business
Anyways please pay my invoice which is fair

2021-12-01 23:55:16 Read You are a very interesting character but you need to look into the mirror and you will realize that my invoice is fair
Come on Omar
2021-12-02 00:00:37 Read Wayne
You’re still friend Don’t break a relationship we look for future business please be more professional for all the deal I will contact you in the future to help me for developing the sales but unfortunately we are not interested for this time I hope you understand
2021-12-02 00:02:23 Read Unfortunately we didn’t get any benefit from you for this time so please take a rest and good night
2021-12-02 10:26:59 Read No we are not friends as friends do not behave like you are with one another
In Canada
My invoice still remains and await payment
I will wait 30 days and send it to collections if I do not receive payment
Just the fair thing to do
2021-12-02 10:30:32 Read No problem you send it anywhere do you want we are not satisfied for your service
And we didn’t get any results or any work from your side were not going to pay anything for you don’t contact me anymore
2021-12-02 10:31:24 Read Please stop texting me I am busy
2021-12-02 10:40:06 Read If you keep texting me I will forward your case to our lawyer since You didn’t follow NDA by bringing somebody else in the office and showed all the files to him and transferred the files without our consent or approval
2021-12-02 10:58:31 Sent Please do not disrespect me saying that I did nothing
I called Jason Cory Andy and hired Andy found your major mistake in your manual
Set up meetings with MCC and Andy
Offered to go to your Schein meeting
Meet with Compudent to show products and tried to organize technical support
Please stop saying two weeks as it was from nov 11 2021 to November 30 2021 that you said to send in invoice
That is 19 days total plus 7 trips to the factory including a Saturday
Also still waiting for your figures to make a price for sterilizers which you never gave me
I also made a product list price and wholesale price for the X-ray
Also talked with John Adamski re selling your products
Got some competitive product info for you re pricing etc
You say I did nothing
The fact is you got more than one month worth of work and experience combined
Your attitude shows that you got your info from me and now do not want to honour our agreement
Shame on you
Please issue payment asap
2021-12-02 11:01:32 Read As for the files you said that I could have anything that I needed
Nothing was password protected thus not sensitive information I assume
Info was never looked at or disclosed
No issue
2021-12-02 11:02:44 Read That’s all I have to say no more texting needed
Good bye and shame on you

Attempts to resolve dispute:

sent invoice and emails

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Wayne Lebeau

Guelph , Canada - Ontario