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Ref: 2448
Filed: 18/12/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-ON_2758163

Kingston, Ontario
Canada - Ontario

Allegation: Other

Value: CAD 1,087.42

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoices in labour, Breach of contract, Fraud, Embezzlement.

The owner of West Suites/Hush injections asked to reschedule our regular scheduled cleaning with my business an hour before arrival and because I could not accommodate it on such short notice, she demanded ME to pay $250 for some non refundable deposit she was charged from a completely different photography company insisting I should pay it for some reason, we did go ahead and take $250 dollars off of the invoices trying to be nice even though we shouldn’t have, she still refuses to pay the $1,087.42 in invoices for labour already done for her that she was more than satisfied with. She knows this money was supposed to go towards my severely disabled sons wheelchair and surgery that he’s now without aswell as nothing for Christmas.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Several nice emails asking if we could work something out as we’re extremely accommodating and just needed even some of the money for my sons extremely important surgery date was ignored for months, did exactly what she insisted and gave her a $250 reimbursement and was told it’s not good enough and I’m not getting paid at all for the labour I provided.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Bailey Ford

Kingston , Canada - Ontario

The Grime Stoppers