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Ref: 1644
Filed: 12/09/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: ca-QC_1166955840

Vancouver, BC

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 103,805.97

Dispute details:

Repeated promises to settle account which is severely overdue.

Crusher Parts International Pty Ltd have supplied goods to Tata Steel Canada under agreed terms and conditions between the two parties. Tata Steel have failed to make payment as and when due and mutually agreed upon.
On providing numerous requests and statements issued, payment has continually failed to be made and as a result money owed is outstanding for 8 months in some cases.

We have been very reasonable in allowing Tata Steel to make payment on outstanding balances and we have continuously been given expected payment dates and assurance payments will be made but these dates always pass. Then we are given new payment dates and a list of excuses made.

The invoices and amounts have never been questioned and fully accepted by management and staff of Tata Steel Canada so there is no reason for payment to be withheld. Several managers within Tata Steel are aware of the situation and how dire it is but the Chief Procurement Officer and Head Processing Officer do not even show the respect to reply directly. Only one person within Tata Steel has tried to resolve this issue.

We have been told by representatives within Tata Steel that they have access to funds and support from other associated entities but they continue to withhold payment for these long overdue invoices.

As Tata cannot pay their invoices in a reasonable and acceptable time, we believe that they are trading insolvent and unethically which is why this dispute has been raised publicly. To ensure no one else falls victim to the same treatment.

I am looking for a quick and swift resolution to this matter.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

numerous emails backwards and forwards with promises of payment being made over a 6-7 month period. Contact initially made every 2 weeks or when payment promises were made. Then weekly to try to get a resolution. We have contacted several senior management staff to get answers and payment. Every time the advised time period passes with more promises which always fail to be met.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Daniel Ritchie

Adelaide , Australia

Crusher Parts International Pty Ltd

AU-87 605 896 482