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Polyaula Inc.
Ref: 2201
Filed: 16/06/2023

Accused Company:

Polyaula Inc.

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Company number: ca-QC_1176465269
Website: polyaula.com/

18070 avenue des Gouverneurs, Mirabel, Quebec, J7J-1R4

Allegation: Cost dispute / Over-charge

Value: CAD 1,881.00

Dispute details:

Employer refusing to pay Invoice amount

**June 16th**
The invoice and subsequently the hours were all listed for the employer. initially the employer was supposed to sign the employee up through a program called Riipen. they failed to do so in time thus ending the original agreement. The employee agreed to complete the required 80 hours. the employer had access to the recorded hours updated on days of completion on a OneDrive cloud document. the original pay from Riipen was 1400$ honorarium + 500$ stipend. since the employer disagreed with the pay of 1900$ the employee wrote an invoice stating the hours worked and the wage. the assumed pay rate was therefore calculated to be 1900$/80hours equaling ~22$/hour. the employer then proceeded to return the invoice with corrections to the work done stating multiple times as "not approved" work. this new invoice was priced at ~866$. The employee knows that the employer was relying on Riipen to subsidize pay for the employee and that when the employer failed to register the employee into the program the employer would need to pay the employee themselves. The last day worked was May 25th 2023.

**July 6th, 2023**
The Business has not responded for three weeks. They have not reached out in anyway to rectify this situation. the indication is that they have no issue with not paying me.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The Employee wants fair pay and pay for all hours worked. the employee is an Electrical Engineering graduate student and should be paid a comparable wage or a wage that resembles the wage expected from the Riipen agreement.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Nicolas Hince

WINNIPEG , Canada - Manitoba