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Ref: 2134
Filed: 05/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ca-SK_101082969

Canada - Yukon

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: CAD 25,000.00

Dispute details:

Poor Quality Leading to 6 failed stuffing boxes within 2 weeks of service

This company supplied 3 stuffing boxes on two wells, for a total of 6 stuffing boxes. All 6 of them failed within 14 days. For some reason the company thought the issue was our wells, even though for the prior 5 years, each had been running one of the stuffing boxes that was manufactured before the tough times hit. We tried installing new polish rods at their suggestion, and they still insta-failed. The first ones purchased in 2017 ran perfectly with zero issues for 5 years run time, then not even 2 weeks run time. I believe the product quality has suffered.

Of note, after the 3rd stuffing box insta-failed (on BOTH wells) in a row, we obviously went with another supplier. Those stuffing boxes have been running flawlessly with zero issues, and we use this new supplier on all our new drills. My only deduction can be that the disputed companies quality has suffered greatly since the initial ones supplied in 2017 that ran for 5 years. The new ones did not even last 2 weeks each, and this was repeated 3 times in a row, until we went with a different supplier whose box has lasted just fine. This fiasco cost us dearly.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Phone Calls with the owner of the company. Refusal to acknowledge that their product was faulty. Refusal to warranty.

Response to accusation (by accused):

I am sorry you feel this way Mr. Mitton, however not only did we have a representative of your company inspect the equipment and agree that the failure was not a result of our product, we also have tracking across thousands of wells and applications proving that our quality has not declined and in fact, our average runtimes continue to increase. Shawn did everything in his power to work with you however you chose not to listen to anything he said and you even chose to ignore your own rep. We always do everything we can do ensure that the customer is happy with their runtimes, as a small business we have to, but in this case it appears you were unwilling to work with with us. Refusing payment, but keeping the equipment you took doesn't work with any industry and I see no reason why it should with us just because we are a small entity. That is just poor business practice. If you are continuing to refuse paying us for that service we provided, we will be applying a lien and moving to small claims court


Ryan Mitton

Calgary , Canada - Yukon

Check Energy Ltd.