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Bin Estrella GmbH
Ref: 2115
Filed: 24/04/2023

Accused Company:

Bin Estrella GmbH

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Company number: de-064110000

Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany

Allegation: Non delivery of Goods

Value: USD 146.96

Dispute details:

Non delivery of Goods

I made an order for 2 items on March 7, 2023, and the goods have not arrived as they were promised. I have made multiple attempts to contact the company, cancel the order, ask for updated tracking information, and request a refund, but they have not returned any of my emails and they do not offer a phone number for customer service.

Attempts to resolve dispute:


Response to accusation (by accused):

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Dawn Bentley

Roseville , United States - State unknown