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Dee & Des brick construction
Ref: 1510
Filed: 01/06/2022

Accused Company:

Dee & Des brick construction

Company number: gb-

10 Edmonton Street, New Cross. SE14 5QJ
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 11,150.00

Dispute details:

A Scammer contractor

Dee &Des collected £11150 from me for unfulfilled contract, demolished my bathroom since January 20, 2022 till today May 1 2022, the company lack duty of care, negligent, everywhere in the flat full of open electric wire, water leakage, floor damage, blocked the communal corridors and fire exit with debris till today, he still hold on to my flat keys, despite numerous attempts to have my key back, I terminated the contract and requested for my money back, this guy never responded to my recorded letters. made the flat very uninhabited for leaving, his intentions was all about defraud and need be stopped from doing same to other people. My investigation indicate that address used by the company is residential property belong to Lewisham local authority. I believe I am not their only victim. Website used was not working, he the director full of lies, disrespectful, provide no protection insurance. I have photographic evidences to prove this guy lack of experience. He claims to have 25 years experience, attended four years construction college in UK, born in Brixton SW. I later discovered his hidden agenda is defrauding his victims. I will be publishing his photos all over social media, local newspapers. Report to consumer protection office, Federal trade commission, National builders association, Trade association- Builder UK, Construction trade association, Master builders association, Builders Ombudsmen UK, Construction Industry UK, Letter to Lewisham housing council, and civil courts for compensation which will be huge, publish his name in home office. With full details of contract, photo evidence of his activities in my flat.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Several letters was sent to the company address no response, I have also report to action fraud police, but, now in Small claim court

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Olateju Lambo

London , United Kingdom