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JD property developments
Ref: 2279
Filed: 02/08/2023

Accused Company:

JD property developments

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Trading Name:
Company number: gb-0

St Albans, AL4 0PD, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 60,000.00

Dispute details:

Uncompleted contract and dangerous unfinished work

This company was contracted to carry out some renovation work at our home. They started the work but worked at a very slow pace taking longer and longer to actually do anything. They never finished any of the work which was paid for despite saying they had. The quality of the work is so bad that a lot of it will have to be redone. This included; the installation of windows which were so badly installed they will have to be taken out again and refitted and which have not been finished or registered, plumbing work including the installation of a boiler which was not installed correctly; and general basic building work unfinished which and to a very poor standard. When we complained about this they pulled off site and refused to engage or discuss ways to resolve the mess they made of our home.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Since they pulled of site the builder has ignored all our attempts to contact him to discuss our concerns. We have raised specific and particular questions regarding the project and the management of it but have received no response.
# In the absence of any reply to our questions we have had the work assessed by independent contractors to give us an objective view of the value of rectifying the work which has been carried out and which we have already paid for.

Response to accusation (by accused):

We utterly refute fatuous complain for the following reasons: £18,000 is still outstanding which is the reason we left site. Electrical plumbing and heating contractors were the clients’ direct contractors. All extra works were carried out with client’s agreement. Their problem was inadequate funding with all interim payments being delayed throughout the project. Their letter of complaint is utterly fatuous, mendacious and insulting and I would like this review removed.


Robert Birmingham

United Kingdom