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Kernow merchant services ltd
Ref: 1797
Filed: 30/11/2022

Accused Company:

Kernow merchant services ltd

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Company number: gb-

41 Ventonlace
Grampound Road
United Kingdom

Allegation: Other

Value: GBP 1,871.10

Dispute details:

Non payment of wages

Employed by Company for 8 weeks, no wages paid

Attempts to resolve dispute:

emails, telephone calls and finally debt collection company

Response to accusation (by accused):

This amount is in dispute, we've provided relevant paperwork and records to show the complainant isn't owed the amount claimed. We have repeatedly invited the claimant to mediation but this is declined each time. Requests for relevant information have also been ignored. Having offered a settlement figure that has been declined we don't feel we can do anything more in this case


Ben Marsh

Kettering , United Kingdom