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Mr Coates Roofing
Ref: 2356
Filed: 27/09/2023

Accused Company:

Mr Coates Roofing

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Company number: gb-

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 850.00

Dispute details:

Poor roofing and damage to property during work

I found Mr Coates Roofing (working in south Manchester and Northwich area) online from a recommendation on Facebook, I wish I had never read that post.

I asked him to help when my flat roof was leaking from a previous builder had done a poor job. The owner confidently said that he would be able to help out given that water was pouring in through the walls. He came round at short notice and was very warm natured and confident he could do the job.

He initially completed the work very shortly after quoting as it was an emergency. On the day that the work was completed I transferred all the money that's he had quoted for. Due to the amount I had transferred my bank undertook a fraud check. This caused a delay in the payment to the owner. Within a few minutes of the money not arriving to the owner he called me up and asking where it was and when I said I'd transferred it and had proof of this he said that he would send some lads round to come and get the cash from me because he needed it to go on holiday.
With the money still not arriving he runway several more times including in the very early hours at the morning to chase up where the money was even though it had cleared from my account, in a quite threatening manner.
As expected the money went through, and the owner could go on his holiday.

Unfortunately the owner had left lots of rubbish on the roof, and despite messaging him he didn't come back to clear it.

6 months later part of the work that Mr Coates Roofing (Stockport/Wythenshawe/Northwich) did started to fail. I couldn't get a hold of him to come and fix the work which he had done to a poor standard. When a second roofer then the third roofer came to look at his work, it was clear it's had been done to a poor standard. Eventually left a review as the only way to get in contact with the owner. I shouldn't have removed it, but the owner promised if I did, he would carry out the repair, so I did.

From April he promised to get the roof fixed by the end of May. It is now October, I still do not have a fixed roof when he came round one of his colleagues broke my wall, they added a new leak to the roof with their handiwork, and damaged the roof coping. After countless promises of coming to fix the roof with various excuses and very, very many no shows I have had to lodge a dispute here
Mr Coates Roofing (Stockport/Wythenshawe/Northwich) appears to have no registered business on Companies House, and no traders insurance which i requested many times. I cannot recommend using him at all.

I am left £350 out of pocket for repairing the wall, replacing the coping and repainting the leak. To finish the roof will be another £500. Embarrassing for him.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Countless requests for him to come back and make repairs over a period of 6 months. Requested insurance details, company information but with no success.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Charlie Young

Manchester , United Kingdom