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Owens Building Services
Ref: 2317
Filed: 27/08/2023

Accused Company:

Owens Building Services

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Trading Name:
Company number: gb-
Website: Owensbuidingservices.ci.uk

91 Western Road
Brighton BN1 2NW
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 15,116.80

Dispute details:

Subtandard, inadequate and unfinished fully paid contract

We placed an order with the contractor to overhaul our roof and repair the render to the front and back of our property.
As we were not in the country we paid the contractor in full when he stated he had finished the works and sent pictures showing what had been done. However we were told by our neighbour that the rendering looked very messy and that the gutters, which the contractor was paid to replace had not been completed and the old ones were left hanging. We made repeated requests for the contractor to return and complete the work. On more than one occasion he told us he would come back shortly but failed to do so. We then requested experts’ surveys which revealed the roof works were grossly inadequate and in need of being redone in full and the rendering to both front and back of the house was of very poor quality, and the wrong type of render had been used. The contractor was instructed and accepted to use lime rendering as advised by an expert damp surveyor but instead used cement which will trap moisture and eventually crack.
In summary, once we were informed the work was complete we paid in full. The contractor then left with the job unfinished with gutters not replaced, broken tiles and debris to the neighbours property and very poor and patchy rendering. In spite of several requests he never came to finish or make good the poor work done. Due to this we sought experts’ advise at which point we because aware of the serious shortcomings. To this day, over one month after he said he had finished, he has not removed his scaffoldings half of which are on our neighbour’s property.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Several documented requests to fix the works the contractor partly denied there was anything wrong and partly he repeatedly said he would fix but he never showed up

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Gabriele Cantele

Hove , United Kingdom