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Skylark Contruction & Maintenance
Ref: 2576
Filed: 22/04/2024

Accused Company:

Skylark Contruction & Maintenance

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Trading Name:
Company number: gb-
Website: www.facebook.com/SkylarkConstructionand/

15 Alpine Grove,
S43 2JD
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 76,800.00

Dispute details:

Work uncompleted

Signed a contract on 7th October 2023 for demolition of prefabricated garage and construction of a new building regulation compliant double garage. The contract stated this work would be completed no later than 15th March 2024 but as of 22nd April 2024 we have paid 75% of the total cost of the build to the contractor but construction is not even 50% completed and no work has been undertaken at the site since at least 27th March 2024. The incomplete work has been left in a poor state, there are roof timbers uncovered and exposed to the weather, no doors, no windows and a service trench has been dug but left open and no services laid. Rubble and building waste has been left on site and the contractor has not responded to repeated requests to resolve the issues.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We have made numerous Phone calls and sent Email and Whatsapp messages to the contractor asking him to resume and complete the work according to contract. As these were met with no satisfactory response we have contacted Citizens Advice Bureau for legal advice.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Ben Keywood

Sheffield , United Kingdom