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Whiterock Building Services
Ref: 2245
Filed: 08/07/2023

Accused Company:

Whiterock Building Services

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Company number: gb-0

134 Gibson Road, Paignton, TQ4 7LT
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 22,250.00

Dispute details:

Loft conversion not completed despite accepting payments

Builder commissioned to do the job was paid a total of £30,000.00 in 4 separate instalments over a 4 week period - £28,800.00 of this was as part of the agreed £32,000.00 estimate contract and £1,200.00 was to secure some structural calculations to support building regulation application with local authority.
The structural calculations have never been provided (these were agreed and supposedly 'requested/actioned' 14 weeks ago).
The builder has not been to our property for 12 weeks and their contracted builders have not been on site for 8.5 weeks (after much chasing for 2 weeks prior to this).
Work that has been completed, along with some additional building supplies left behind, total approx £9,500.00.
The property was left with holes in both gable ends of the house so we have had to pay an additional £2,003.00 to have windows fitted to make it weatherproof and secure. Additional costs we have incurred include putting our dog into additional 'day care' on days when work was planned but did not happen, and the cost of removing significant bags of building rubble which the builder had agreed to clear up as part of the price in the quote.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

*17th April - Client visited builder's house due to builder not responding to messages requesting a plan of action for the contracted work. Client spoke to builder's wife and then builder called later that evening.
*16th May - Email sent to Builder's email address to raise concerns about the lack of work completed over the past 4 weeks and to request a plan to move forward and face to face meeting - 17th May Email back from builder off work for 4 weeks due to ill health.
*5th June - Email sent to builder to ask for update on health and plan. No response.
*7th June - Text sent to builder for update. Builder responded to say off for further 4 weeks. No plan offered for contracted builders to complete the job, no calculations sent.
*26th June - Formal complaint letter sent to builder to outline dispute and request a date when work could restart. No response from builder.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Claire Shanahan

Exeter , United Kingdom