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Ref: 1237
Filed: 02/01/2020

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-02296329

Atlantic Way , Brunswick Business Park , Liverpool, L3 4BE
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 11,038.00

Dispute details:

This Company Reguested Additional works Goods and services and after job was on the last hurdle only paid one third of total invoices due.

During December and early February this company requested an estimate . I called in gave a quick guide price on scrap paper for fitting of carpet tiles to their furniture store . and as pure guesswork i estimated for in the region of total £3560.

The store being very large full of furniture and old carpet stuck down I said it would not be possible to give an exact quote as you don't know the costs until you see what's involved after uplifting the old flooring .then we quickly checked the condition by the rear door which was loose and he said that for now they will take the old carpet up themselves. I said ok the floor will possibly come up where loose in parts. but when you take the old fully glued carpet up it would take part of the floor underneath up as well and would need screeding, which is something i do if needed but can work out costly, and said if you let me know if you would like me to do this extra work for you.

When turning up on the Monday morning as arranged to start fitting the tiles the job wasn't ready . they only managed to take up part section of the old carpet and was left full of sand and dirt with holes in the subfloor in places as i advised them earlier, and the manager / accounts lady said to me you were right . that as they lifted parts themselves they realised it does now need screeding . Could i do them a favour and get the screed go home and return when the store closes at 4:15 and could i work evening / nights also. I said ok i will do all this for you but of course its going to cost a lot more .she said no problem just add the extras on to your invoice. she said I'm in the store each Monday so i will collect and pass these with accounts for you then. So now i think to myself that each Monday i would get paid or a few days later( maybe a week later ) no nothing . Excuses after excuses

The other sales lady said best working nights as no noise for us and that way the staff wont be breathing the dust and wont affect sales as they were to clear furniture from section to be prepared one night and carpet tiled the next etc . A stage by stage process for their total convenience. and when completed each eve/night i was left to close several shutter doors and make sure the whole store was safe and secure for them for the morning. I advised the manager that taking the carpet up six inch strips at at at a time is going to take a very long time and said it would be quicker and better if i hired machinery for you to uplift the carpet . the costs for these came to near £1000 . As the tiles being fitted were second hand it would normally cost this same amount extra for fitting the tiles . I mentioned that they had also falsely misinformed me that they were old used flooring which i hadn't noticed until i had tested them out after doing the first section , by that time it was too late to cancel the job as if i had been told they were second hand flooring i would not have done the job in the first place . but as usual they ignored the fact of deceiving me regarding not new being installed to achieve a cheaper price.

As i was getting no response regarding them giving me the wrong information of flooring being not new . So to make this cost up i just charged them for the similar costs of machine hire and called that one quits, but in their letter they refuse to pay that also. i advised them that i had a quicker drying screed more expensive but saves an extra time waiting for the first cheaper screed to dry that way you could get your furniture back for sales following day its quality material that i use in garages and sets like steel and accounts lady replied by email said yes were fine with that . ( in other words go ahead.)

Regarding the extra work involved i completed one fifth before xmas break last xmas 2018 and advised them clearly by email that based on my first total invoices for floor preparation /supply /and lay screed working nights as requested etc was approx £3225 and advised as an estimate it would in that case be approx 5 times this amount in total possibly around £17000 maximum .

i clearly said to them that i am concerned for them about this amount .In other words did they want me to continue or not. they said nothing and let me continue to do the job .
after several requests even for part payments as i was going along was either ignored or given never ending excuses for i continued to supply the goods and services and it became very obvious to me close to the end that they had tricked me and had no intention to pay from the start.

When i had the floor area totally covered leaving some couple of days work to do some finishing off work i advised the manager of the store that i have no choice but to put the job on hold as I'm getting no payments as agreed each Monday. but i will leave all the remaining materials on site in the back with tools ready for me to continue and finish off when i receive some sort of guarantee of payment . i had been extremely patient and went this far without regular payment. If i don't pay my wholesalers i get put on stop until invoices are paid.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

i was in almost daily contact by emails with updates etc regarding the job, and advised the account lady i prefer to send emails as we can refer to who said what . prices etc. each time i asked about payment .several excuses like we have mislaid / lost invoices 23 and 26 etc
and later on we are just collating all invoices together for payment etc . ( all to make me think I'm due to get paid ) meantime letting me carry on supplying goods and services. with no intention to pay .
( as far as I'm concerned this is a deliberate Fraudulent act.
people cant order something watch it being done and then at the last hurdle say here's a third we could have got it cheaper somewhere else. This is what they have done to me .)
Because of this non payment i went ill with severe depression and in hospital several times .and in March 2019 i asked a debt company in Chester to deal with this for me.
I contacted him several times and he advised finally in July he had no responses and advised me to take the company to court.
I was still ill until August 2019 and then started to work part time only.
on 24/10/19 i contacted the accounts lady by text who gave me the go ahead to the extra works etc . with no reply .
I sent her several emails on 12 /12/ 19 showing all the email evidence of my advice and how much the total would be etc
no reply .
and on 12/12 19 i sent by special delivery a copy of the emails to the Chief Executive Officer . with no reply

Response to accusation (by accused):

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United Kingdom

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