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Ref: 2447
Filed: 18/12/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-04584828

United Kingdom

Allegation: Fraud

Value: GBP 320,000.00

Dispute details:

Fraud / Breach of Contract / Non Compliance with Building Standards

Initially, please be aware that Kevin Walker Loft Space Specialists Limited, otherwise trading as KWLSS Ltd. was expelled from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) in March 2023.

This is significant as this tends to occur when the FMB’s Code of Conduct has been breached and the FMB expulsion committee has conducted a thorough investigation of the misconduct.

For verification of the expulsion, please see

It also important to understand that KWLSS Ltd. has since claimed false membership of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) in late March 2023.

During late March 2023, KWLSS Ltd. recommended and signed a Simple Building Contract for Domestic Work in March 2023, using FMB branded contract templates and recommended the FMB's dispute resolution service whilst knowingly and wilfully withholding his expulsion from the FMB from us as the client.

In addition, KWLSS Ltd. frequently argued all build or project costs were provisional, regardless of a signed contract, which specified the total amount to be paid.

KWLSS Ltd. dismissed a signed contract as irrelevant and argued that the contractual costs were outweighed by the provisional costs.

KWLSS Ltd. also significantly overpriced items and the costs of sub-contractors, and when challenged, admitted the cost for each double power socket, quoted at £75, excluding any labour, was 'maybe slightly overpriced'.

Actual costs for the item used is £6.20.

KWLSS Ltd. requested weekly payments, taking 86% of total payments, paid in good faith, without delivering a significant part of the required work plan, to schedule.

When weekly payments were paused for the delays to be corrected, KWLSS Ltd. acknowledged that the delays were their responsibility and had caused them. They agreed to the pause in payments and acknowledged that the delays were through no fault of ours, as the clients.

No plan to address the delays were ever produced by KWLSS Ltd. and once payments were paused, significant delays continued to occur, and as a result payments directly to KWLSS Ltd. were not resumed.

It should be noted that regular meetings were held to provide time and opportunity for KWLSS Ltd. to address the lack of progress and ongoing delays to the build. These meetings were regularly offered after hours or on weekends to accommodate the increasingly erratic and unreasonable behaviour displayed towards us as the client.

KWLSS Ltd. also repeatedly demanded significant additional payments to complete the work, in one case requesting upwards of £150,000 beyond what was agreed contractually. At no stage did KWLSS Ltd. verify these additional costs with supplier quotes, estimates or invoices.

Please note that no invoices, nor supplier quotes were ever provided to justify the significant and inflated increases in costs.

Another example is that KWLSS Ltd also requested £60,000 for project management costs.

No evidence of work undertaken, or hours completed, or hours required was ever produced nor evidenced for such a significant increase in cost.

It should be noted that this cost was never detailed in the proposal nor included in the contract. In fact, when the cost was raised it was the first, we as the client had ever heard it mentioned.

KWLSS Ltd, was paid in excess of £10,000 each week, a portion specifically to pay labour. it came to our attention as clients that KWLSS Ltd., was wilfully and knowingly withholding large percentages of monies owed to the team of sub-contractors for work completed, some with young families.

We as clients strongly disagree with this practice, especially as a sub contractors young family were impacted directly most weeks due to under payment. We addressed this by paying the sub contractor concerned their weekly wage directly.

KWLSS Ltd, also knowingly, and wilfully removed the team of labour from the project site to complete the patio at a Directors private property. This is estimated to be over a week’s lost labour which was never reduced from the overall cost. When challenged, KWLSS Ltd. would not acknowledge their actions nor accept accountability for their decision.

KWLSS Ltd, will not produce ANY invoices to evidence actual project costs, critical to establishing a fair and reasonable cost baseline for dispute resolution.

KWLSS Ltd. instead only offered a SAGE accounting report claiming to detail the clients project costs. At no stage have ANY invoices been provided to evidence the actual or claimed costs provided in the same SAGE report.

KWLSS Ltd. also declined all suggestions for a fair and reasonable approach to resolve the evolving dispute, and at NO stage during our attempts at resolve the dispute, did they confirm to us as clients, that they had been expelled from the FMB in March 2023.

KWLSS Ltd. has not provided ANY structural engineering plans to us as the client nor produced any structural engineering plans to address THREE site inspection reports, which have raised significant concerns related to the lack of steel beams in the flat roof of the new loft.

Despite our repeated urgent requests for this information, KWLSS Ltd. simply does not respond displaying a casual disregard for the safety of their clients, no matter the urgency given the highlighted risks to structural integrity.

KWLSS Ltd, simply did not complete a side extension and loft conversion in the timelines agreed and contracted, conmfirmed as 28 weeks but now exceeding 39 weeks. Contractual completion dates were agreed as the 8th September 2023.

As a result, as a precursor to legal action, Trading Standards have now been informed and are likely investigating a potential Breach of Contract under the Consumer Rights Act (2015).

Given the strong likelihood of Breach of Contract by KWLSS Ltd. under the Consumer Rights Act (2015), KWLSS Ltd. are now required to fulfil contractual obligations due to incomplete services as follows:

Specifically, but not limited to Part 1, Chapter 4, Services, (49), Services to be performed with reasonable care and skill.

Specifically, but not limited to Part 1, Chapter 4, Services (52), Services to be completed within a reasonable time.

Our aim by posting this information is simply to ensure that our experience is never repeated.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Numerous attempts, upwards of 20, from meetings onsite. but also via emails, letters, messaging and phone calls

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Mark Hammond

Woking , United Kingdom