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Ref: 2554
Filed: 03/04/2024

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Company number: gb-05393891

United Kingdom

Allegation: Cost dispute / Over-charge

Value: GBP 1,251.00

Dispute details:

Invoice for dehumidifier after a water leak

We have been in contact with Clearly Renovation Ltd for several months, from December until February, as a result of a builders tender we decided to undertake under suggestion of our architect. Clearly was one of the companies partecipating at our tender. During the tender process, we had a water leakage from one of the tanks located below the roof of our property, which litterally flooded one of the bathroom at first floor and the kitchen at ground floor. The day we found this out was on a Sunday and we called an emergency plumber to stop the leak. The cost of the emergency plumber was £350 VAT included. The other problem we had to solve during the days after the water escape event, was to dry out the property. At this point, we decided to ask Clearly Renovation for help. They accepted to help us, sending a plumber to our property. They didn't send any quote for this intervention. Their plumber came at our property with a rented dehumidifier. He left the dehumidifier at our property, turned on, and we kept it in function for approximately 10 days/2 weeks. After circa 2 weeks someone came to our address to collect the dehumidifier. All of this happened between the end of January 2024 and beginning of February 2024. At the beginning of March 2024, we communicate to Clearly Renovation our intention to proceed with a different building company. One month later, in April 2024, we received an invoice of £1,251 for the intervention their plumber did at our property. The cost of the dehumidifier was only £484 (according to what Clearly told us). The other costs were: 1) plumber callout £264.00, 2) Clearly Renovation time for organising the hire and plumber £86.00, 3) OHP at 25% = £208.50, Total net of VAT £1042.50, plus VAT at 20% = total £1251.00. Before receiving the invoice, we did not know that these were the costs that we would have faced for Clearly Renovation service. These costs are much higher than average market prices, considering that the emergency plumber on a Sunday cost £350 incl. VAT. We are ready to pay a fair amount for the service received, but not an inflated one.

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Dario Sandroni

London , United Kingdom