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Affix Scaffolding
Ref: 1578
Filed: 30/07/2022

Accused Company:

Affix Scaffolding

Company number: gb-06871987

87 Westmoor Street, London, SE7 8NQ

United Kingdom

Allegation: Breach of terms

Value: GBP 850.00

Dispute details:

The Company is Not fulfilling its obligations, offering poor customer service & services

We have booked scaffolding with Affix Scaffolding London for a project at our house in Sutton, for 7 days and paid for 7 days too.

We planned to work on the house, based on this period, and the workers messaged the team at Affix Scaffolding London, to organise the removal of the scaffolding (one day prior to the final day).

One day later (last day of the contract), they emailed them again, with no answer on from the “Customer Service” team at Affix Scaffolding London.

As a property owner, I called them as well, and spoke with someone in their office, who in addition to being extremely rude had no intention to help.

This person refused to take the scaffolding and said bluntly that he will take it on Wednesday (4 days later than they should have), very rudely.

The person also stated that you do not book by the day and that we need to give you 1 week's notice, as "what do you think, I have a lorry waiting for you?"

This is even when I told him that I have workers at the house, paying them by the day, and I am going away on Tuesday hence the solution was not acceptable. The person closed off on me saying very rudely that "I will see you in two weeks then".

I emailed back and forward pointing out that it was not their decision how I used my property, that they were using my property without my consent and that they needed to take the scaffolding asap as we were going on holiday, practically inviting people to get into our house (security), we were losing money with the workers, the works were delayed, and it was super inconvenient to the neighbors too.

The answer the person gave me…have a nice holiday, see you in two weeks!

I emailed him back and re-emphasized that he is using my property to store his scaffolding...he replied :

"For someone that runs such a successful company I would have thought you could afford a better house as yours in tiny."

Attempts to resolve dispute:

emailed the company several times, spoke on the phone with the director - they are unprofessional, and rude beyond any belief

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Constantin Singureanu

Sutton , United Kingdom