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Ref: 1943
Filed: 26/01/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-07055800

28 West Street, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 1TA
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: N/A

Dispute details:

Residential Renovation Works - Will not provide warranties for works and "Flat Roof Guarantee"

This Builder (principle contractor) failed to correctly follow the renovation works plans and drawings submitted for planning (drawings from his recommended architect) resulting in building control not approving the build/renovation. The missed works to comply consisted of an extract fan in a downstairs wc. This builder admitted liability to the error, but still wanted the remedial works to be paid for by myself (the customer) - a nominal fee was agreed verbally and over text for £100 even though I should not have to pay for his acknowledged mistake. He then changed the amount he wanted for the remedial works to £140 over text message.

The builder and his team took 3 attempts and visits to the property to complete the works. This was due to the incompetence of his team. Examples include bringing incorrect tools, missing parts and hours allocated to the job being insufficient.

The remedial works were eventually completed, so the final bill for all renovation works (£91k total) was paid - FINAL BILL. The builder then produced an invoice for just under £600 for the remedial works in spite of agreeing £100, then changing this to £140 as mentioned. According to the builder, the work needed took more time than anticipated hence the larger bill. This was never discussed or agreed and the remedial works time taken was all due to his and his team's incompetence. I had not received a quote for the £600, as we had verbally agreed £100, so I rightly disputed the amount. He is now withholding his 1 year warranty on all works, and the flat roof 10 year guarantee (sub contractor works) until the invoice for £600 is paid.

I need the flat roof guarantee so I paid £200 to the builder as a gesture of goodwill - this was an overpayment versus the £100/£140 to keep the peace. He still refused to provide my warranty and guarantee and then closed all communication with me - blocking me on his company and personal profile on social media platforms, then blocking me on phone/text services. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and unnecessary.

All of this is in addition to several weeks delay to works completion due to the builder having a 4 week holiday mid-build, as well as several property and fixture and fittings damages caused by his incompetent staff - all of which he admitted liability to.

AVOID - arrogant builder with no customer service and care levels, or indeed morals and decency.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Phone calls, texts, emails - no reply. Subsequently blocked me on social media platforms and phone/text services.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Stuart Wightman

Leighton Buzzard , United Kingdom