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Ref: 1411
Filed: 07/03/2022

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Accused Company:

Company number: gb-07487330

Elton Lane Farm, Yarm Back Lane, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland, TS21 1BA
United Kingdom

Value: GBP 15,378.84

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoice


Attempts to resolve dispute:

Emails, text messages, phone calls

Response to accusation (by accused):

This invoice is unpaid because while working for me it was thirty days when I got paid by my customers which some times can be 60 days motors get left us with work they never finished and turned it down then I found out while working for me he was approaching my customers and trying to sign up to them so they can wait 60 days to receive payment like I have to with some of mine there was no contract but a little respect would of gone a long way also we pay rent to a yard so we are trying to work out how much he owes me for parking in our yard while working for us and the times he used our trailers they need paying for and also we tipped some of his loads that have never been paid for

Counter Response (by plaintiff):

Emailing someone after the payment day was due to tell them it will be another 30day before payment is illegal and not acceptable

Plaintiff Company:


Company number: gb-10829971