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4G Gardening and Interior Painiting
Ref: 2186
Filed: 06/06/2023

Accused Company:

4G Gardening and Interior Painiting

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Company number: gb-07970891948

United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: GBP 2,730.00

Dispute details:

Money taken but work not finished

4G Gardening is the main man who provided the quote and sorting the work out between the other trademen involved to complete the work as a whole. He painted the conservatory and kitchen but still had touch ups to complete where he ripped the tape off and said he will finish this off when he come to start painting the living room after the media wall has been built. Due to the state of walls in the living room this needing plastering which was done by another tradesman 4G Gardening had hired. This was done in an efficient time but after that there was no communication from 4G Gardening and the hired tradesman 14Twelve Ltd to advise of the next steps of the process until we got in touch to find out when they will be coming to continue the work. Kept being given days and timings but this would keep changing from them and 14Twelve Ltd who was building the media wall would keep giving excuses as to why he can't come. Again messages were sent to 4G Gardening yo advice of how we are still unhappy and how nothing has changed. We kept giving chances and believing they would turn up. The last time 14Twelve Ltd came to the property he came a lot layer then he had said and we had to tell him to come back the next day due to having a young child and working late into the evening. 14Twelve Ltd said he's able to come after 11 o'clock but the on the day messages to say he can't come. Since this day we have sent formal written complaint via email to 4G Gardening but had no response or willing to discuss the situation.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Have messaged many times saying how we are unhappy and been advised will take control and get the work done to where it should be but then nothing happens as don't turn up until days later. Then sent two formal complaints via email but had no response even though with second follow up complaint asked if they disagree with anything then to respond and this can be discussed. Messages sent through WhatsApp shows they have been looked at but not responded to.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Roopal Vaghela

Leicester , United Kingdom