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Ref: 1930
Filed: 21/01/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-09026200

Flat 1 26 Broadway Parade, London, N8 9DE
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: N/A

Dispute details:

Snagging Issues not addressed in a timely manner

We have been trying to get our snagging issues resolved for over a year and there are still outstanding issues which are yet to be resolved.

One sliding door is still not fixed, it gets trapped in the wall. We have asked several times for this to be fixed and have arranged for a call out and we have had multiple no shows with no communication to rearrange.

The other sliding doors that were stuck in the wall which have been fixed are damaged from screws in the wall which were removed. There was a promise to send out a professional to repair the doors and this has never been organised.

Upon moving in, we noticed that our lights flicker when other lights are turned off/on. We have raised this multiple times and there was a promise to send an electrician which was never fulfilled.

There is a draw in our kitchen which has been broken since before we moved in, although there was an attempt to fix it, ultimately it I was decided that it could not be fixed and that a replacement would be ordered. This was over a year ago and we have not yet seen this progressed.

There was a promise that the silicone around our bath would be reapplied since the original application is sub par, this has still not been done.

The downstairs toilet sink has been fitted with cracked retaining washers, there was a promise to fix this which was never fulfilled.

There were chips in our floorboards when we moved in, these were promised to be filled and never were.

Our front door has chips in the paint when we moved in, this was never taken seriously, we have asked for the paint colour multiple times but this has never been provided.

One of our door frames was filled and touched up with a matt paint when the rest of the frame was gloss.

The grouting between our wooden floor and tiled floors has crumbled away. There was suggestion to fill this with silicone (grey colour), we agreed and nobody came to fulfill the promise.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Overall there has been some progress on other snagging items. Only due to our determination to take this forward, there has been no drive to resolve our issues from the developers side. Even though we sent through a full list of our snagging items, multiple times via email and WhatsApp. This has often fallen on deaf ears, with workers showing up on random days unannounced and no sense of direction, which often meant work has only been partially completed.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Renee Mayor

London , United Kingdom