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Ref: 2059
Filed: 25/03/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-09145978

Clavering House
Clavering Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3NG
United Kingdom

Allegation: Breach of terms

Value: GBP 49,000.00

Dispute details:


Before you read the below, it may be interest to know that it was one of Makain's own employees that recommended we make a formal complain about the quality of work. To say that was a bit of a shock would put it mildly.
Makain Ltd are in Breach of contract, the contract clearly states a 10-14 weeks to complete single storey kitchen extension and open plan living dining area, this still remains unfinished.
Having spoken to the foreman he stated that the PMs interpretation of this is not that it would take 10-14 weeks to do, just that over a period of time there would be 10-14 weeks of work done.
Makain project manager Changed the floor plan without informing us, which resulted in ground works being 1 metre short of the neighbour’s house as they are semi-detached properties this would not have been a logical decision. He then charged us £1608.00 to rectify his mistake, we paid under protest.

The PM incorrectly informed the foreman that the wall supporting the staircase would need to be ripped down, this resulted in the builder damaging the wall before he was correctly informed that the wall would in fact not need to be replaced.
Over a period of 9 weeks there was only 10 days work carried out.
There was a lack of communication from the PM when work was to be carried out and misleading information given.
Due to concerns we called the building inspector out and during this discussion we went through the existing building report. Which pointed out poor workmanship and areas that needed to be changed, this still had not been done.
We had a further meeting with building inspector, which the builder had requested after my initial complaint. It was found that the Kitchen extension insulation had been installed incorrectly, as identified by building inspector and it would need to be rectified. There were 3 options suggested, pull it down and re-do the work, replace the existing insulation with a different insultation which the builder stated would not be feasible and the 3rd one to build a studded wall with insulation within the property to rectify the problem which would have also reduced the open space of the property. The Foreman and PM suggested the 3rd one, ask yourself why they chose the option that was the least beneficial to us and probably the cheapest and easiest option for them.
After the PM and Forman had a discussion, the Foreman stated he had learned from his mistakes and would not use this type of insulation again, read into that however you want.
The Project Manager has ignored the deadline for the official response of the complaint and no further contact has been made by Makain Ltd to contact us even after we have now terminated the contract and requested a refund of monies.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Submitted official complaint, Discussed with builder directly in meeting at our premises.
Building inspector called and met with builder and myself in further meeting to which no

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Donna Meek

CRAMLINGTON , United Kingdom