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Ref: 2425
Filed: 27/11/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-09495296

Archers Fields, Basildon, Essex, SS13 1DN
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 1,600.00

Dispute details:

responsibility for payment for emergency work to stop water leak and unpaid refund.

Poor quality work:

The primary complaint we have is that at the end of the construction we experienced a roof leak under the dormer window. We sought expert advice from an independent roofer, and received advice from the roofer who did the original work under contract for NLLR. They both identified the cause of the leak as being the guttering system that had been put in place, which discharged water onto the roof at the top of the dormer. This is not compliant with best practice or building regulations. NLLR were not taking action to resolve the leak, but blamed the status of our roof - which both roofers said was not the issue. So we paid to have a new guttering system put in, at a cost of £960 including VAT, as the leak was getting worse and significant rain was forecast. We do not believe we should have to pay for this work.

there is damage to the ceiling of the room under the dormer, which will need total redecoration. We estimate this cost at £500 for materials and labour.

Unpaid refund:
A specified amount of electrical work was included in the overall cost. We did not use all of the allowance (fewer spotlights/pendants than included), and throughout, invoices detailed that we would be refunded for this. However, a dispute arose on other electrical work - we were being charged for work (mains bonding) that had not been done at our property - and when we disputed this, the account was closed and the refund withdrawn. We estimate the net refund at £114.

Cost of dispute registration: £26

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We have been in email discussion with the Director. We have around£2400 left to pay for final settlement, and have proposed paying this, less the amount paid for the remedial roof work and the refund due on the electrics. This proposal was not accepted. The Director says that the work we had to remedy the leak was additional. on the electrics, he says he has taken a "corporate decision" on this and the matter is closed. We do not agree this.
The Director proposed, without prejudice, to take £250 off our final bill, but we do not accept this.

The Director asked us to submit a formal complaint which we did on 11/12/2023. He responded saying that he would reply by 15/1/2024 but he has not done so. We are now seeking mediation from the company's professional body.

We are now seeking 5% of contract cost for stress and inconvenience.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Rachel Arrundale

London , United Kingdom