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Ref: 2343
Filed: 18/09/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-09601259

131c Victoria Way, London, SE7 7NX
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unethical practices

Value: GBP 9,972.00

Dispute details:

Lack integrity, lack of accuracy, poor build work & builders, very unprofessional, demands for cash payments.

Director visited my property, for garage conversion and a rear extension quote. He then provided a quote in June. After further discussions in July he was asked to confirm quote after discussing adding safety clauses, penalties for delays ..etc. The only change to the contract was adding more than 10,000 GBP. When this was brought to his attention he claimed an error system on his side! This prompt us to ask him for a second site visit and agreed to test his work by renovating our bathroom first. He only agreed to do this if we deposit 10,000 GBP ( 10% ) of the project cost. In good faith we deposited money, and this is when things became ugly. The project manager was changed and the new one was in charge of the bathroom reno and the project build. As soon as he got hold of our money, we were told builder on holiday for a month, and as soon as the builder was back the project manager was away for further 2 weeks. Mean while PA could not confirm builders dates or when to expect them on site, They would not come on booked days then they would arrive unannounced, as if my work was a filler job in between their other jobs. The end result of my bathroom is as follows: no painted ceiling, half a wall of my bathroom unfinished, the door architrave undone, the ceiling lights dangling with exposed wires into the wet area. All my bronze brush accessories for the shower frame, basin and wall hung toilet is missing and were thrown away with rubbish that I had to dispose of the building material and their food waste ...etc. The quality of work was shambolic.I managed to find some but not all of the missing parts. Although the above building is unacceptable, I had the builder come back from holidays shouting at me saying that he does not want to build my extension and garage because he has now a bigger project 1.5M. PA suggests to find another builder for us but on meeting this new builder (who his build starts and finish depending on the moon!) we researched him and found that his company goes into liquidation every 2 years. When we brought this to the PA attention he said "it's ok , it's for tax purposes, also I can see you are generous can you pay the new builder cash for his services"
At this point we took the decision not proceed to work with this company, and I wrote to the director asking for refund of our 10,000 GBP deposit on account. He instead sent a very aggressive reply demanding for a commission on the awful bathroom renovation which we paid for separately!

Attempts to resolve dispute:

During our struggle with the builder and project manager the director of this company who took our money, did not answer calls from us, refused to attend meetings or engage in finding decent builders. On writing to him as usual he was aggressive, dismissive and even asked for a commission for the shambolic bathroom work!

Response to accusation (by accused):

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LONDON , United Kingdom