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Ref: 1249
Filed: 03/04/2020

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-10365069

United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: N/A

Dispute details:

I am owed a refund of £15,000 for work that was paid for and never carried out

Having paid a significant amount of money for the first stage of work on a project, the contractor caused a number of issues to begin work, after which he would delay starting constantly. When he came on site, he made more mess and issues that have resulted in significant costs to put right. He did not manage the works agreed in writing and he instead lost control. I chase him for about 9 months. He suddenly passed away in December and I was sad for his families loss. However, having contacted the family to make suitable arrangements in the circumstances, i was first passed to his father who was managing anting work given the circumstances,trances. He asked for a detailed email of works and payments and then for some time whilst the family mourned and the burial was taking place. I respected this and waited and waited and then contacted to chase and simply happen to have been ignored or accused. I have simply been passed around and constantly ignored. I have given the opportunity to meet to seeing if his partner/team could complete the works but no one will comeback to me at all. This has become incredibly distressing as the work should have begun a year ago. I cannot get through anyone to find a resolve. It’s just wrong on lots of levels.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Regular emails, messages, texts and phone calls.
Opportunity for the remaining team to complete works paid for or arrange a suitable means of refund.

Response to accusation (by accused):

Nothing Filed yet
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Mahira Merchant

Chelmsford , United Kingdom