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Ref: 2261
Filed: 17/07/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-10470897

8 Haywood Way, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 4QP
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 2,000.00

Dispute details:

Shaw Construction levelled and surfaced our ground floor with LVT which is bouncing and lifting within 6 months of the job being completed

I contracted Shaw Construction initially to complete a garage conversion which they did successfully. I then used them again to level my ground floor hallway, living room and dining room and then to supply and fit a new laminate flooring.

After discussions with the owner of Shaw Construction they recommended LVT Quick Step and offered me a few colours to choose from. I duly did, they purchased the materials themselves and proceeded to fit the flooring in early October 2022. On 5th December 2022 I discovered that part of the flooring was bouncing quite significantly. I took a video and contacted the owner who had led on the installation. The subsequent exchanges are captured below:-

6th-12th December 2022 - We exchanged a couple of text messages but no date was locked for the owner to visit.

13th December 2022 - I sent a further video via text message as the issue was getting worse.

16th December - The owner visited my property where he assessed the issue, acknowledged that it wasn't right but stated that it could be a "settling issue" especially with the colder weather. He therefore asked that I give it a few months to see if it settles because of the significant amount of work involved in pulling the flooring back up. I agreed on the proviso that he write up an email confirming liability and the plan. He never wrote the email.

21st December 2022 - I send a text chasing for the email write up, which was not forthcoming

Over the next 6 months Dec 2022 - Jan 2023 - We've given the floor ample time to "settle" and there are now at least 4 different parts of the flooring that are bouncing, lifting or separating and one of the tiles is now chipped because of day to day use where it's sticking up from the floor.

Over the next 6 weeks I text, called and emailed Shaw Construction, with no acknowledgement or response at any point:-

11th June 2023 - I message Steve again with photos and videos explaining that the issue persists and is getting worse and asking him to come to assess and book in a time to do the remedials.

16th June 2023 - I message again to chase re inspection.

27th June 2023 - I called Shaw Construction on the mobile number of the owner that I had and that is still the same number listed on their website. There was no answer

2nd July 2023 - I email Shaw Construction with the relevant photos and videos stating I had been trying to get a response for 3 weeks and requesting acknowledgement and action

2nd July 2023 - I message again citing the previous messages, photos, videos, phone calls and the above email

11th July 2023 - I called the owner's mobile again (the same one that's on the website still) and left a voicemail message stating the issue and that if I didn't receive a call back by the end of the week then I would pursue this via other channels

16th July 2023 - I send a final email and text message stating "After further calls, text and voicemails still no response from you. Please come back to me by tomorrow (Monday) close of play otherwise I'll be pursuing this through other channels."

I have had no acknowledgement, response or contact from Shaw Construction at all since I first got back in touch with them on June 11th as the issue had gotten significantly worse in the "settling period" they had requested.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Captured in details but in summary:-
- Initial visit back from the contractor in December 2022 where they requested we give it a few months
- 6 months given to see if the issue went away but it instead got worse
- Since June 11th - 4 text messages, 2 calls, 1 voicemail, 2 emails and several photos and videos explaining the issue, with zero response

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Graham Bettes

Reading , United Kingdom