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Project and Construction LTD
Ref: 1750
Filed: 10/11/2022

Accused Company:

Project and Construction LTD

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Company number: gb-10539319

19 Robin Hood Drive, Bushey, England, WD23 2BY
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 43,700.00

Dispute details:


COWBOY BUILDER ALERT!!! Be very wary when using Project and Construction Ltd. He walked out of our job after paying most of the money and came back threatening us. We had to call the police twice on him. His work is substandard and I have had two separate builders come to quote on finishing the job and both were shocked by the poor quality work he had done including putting plastic polypipe for the radiators which should only be connected by copper pipes as well as putting no plaster on the walls instead using filler which has made the walls uneven. Rear bi-fold doors have been put on with holes between the frame and brick and no sealant. He's damaged the kitchen units and tiled the bathroom without putting any pipes for the toilet, bath, shower etc... He's using multiple companies to hide his shoddy work. His other company names are ANGELICA PUICAR LTD which is in his wife's name and he's now liquidated this year and PUICAR LIMITED which still looks active on Companies House. His current company is called PROJECT & CONSTRUCTION LTD. He is the definition of a cowboy builder so if you want a good quality job, please please look elsewhere. It's going to cost thousands to put his work right with a reputable builder. BEWARE!

Attempts to resolve dispute:

He attended my home and attempted to take pictures of the interior. We felt threatened and had to call the police as he attended with another person acting threateningly by coming onto our property without permission and refusing to leave the premises whilst recording us. His actions of not completing the job as well as destroying our house leaves us no option. We paid him on Tuesday night £2,500 cash and he said he'd finish the work in the next 2 weeks. We came yesterday and all his tools were cleared from the house. The skip was gone. I called Biel Brothers, the skip company and they said he requested the skip to be removed on Tuesday without a replacement skip delivered. There is still tons of rubbish left on site that needs to go in a skip. He told us he was working at our house yesterday and no one showed up. He said he'd come today at 9:30am and it is now 9:47am and no one is here. The house is left in disarray with all of the jobs as detailed in the contract incomplete with damage to all of the house. The home has not been left secure.

We told him that per his refusal to complete the work within the time frame and to a satisfactory standard mean under our contract, he has breached it numerous times. He told my wife on the phone today and I quote "let them remove the sand or fuck off and I'm not coming back". He has walked off the job, taken all his tools, removed the skip and tried to remove the sand remaining on my property which was recorded.

All these actions are proof he is refusing to complete the work to a satisfactory standard.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Joel Braham

London , United Kingdom