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Ref: 2561
Filed: 09/04/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-10569331
Website: dsmconstructionservicesltd.co.uk

United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 57,608.00

Dispute details:

Incomplete Single Story extension

A contract was signed in March 2022- agreeing that DSM construction would complete a single story extension, and complete internal alterations to the exsisting house (Relocate front door, convert the current bathroom to a front porch, change the current kitchen to a bathroom and put a new kitchen in the extension). The contract also included replacing all windows in the house including french doors, radiators and pipe work, and boiler. The boiler replacemnt was completed December 2022.

After many emails, phonecalls, and whats app messages with the owner of the company, DSM construction started digging foundations in Ocober 2023. and some bricks were laid towards the end of October 2023. There was then no visitors on site until January when a hole was cut in the exisiting front of the house to fit the new front door. The new front door was not fitted until the 17th February- we had a hole in the front of our house for in excess of a month! The door was not fitted square, it leeks through the glass panel, and the seal is damaged. We had 2 builders on site from 20th January to 30th January to build the extension. The extension has been plastered and is ready for the first fix for electrics.

DSM construction are yet to provide all glazing, kitchen, bathroom, flooring, wall coverings and evidence that the extension has been signed of by building control.

In addition, since the start of building work (Oct 2023) our drive way has been completely unsafe and unusable.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Literally hunderds of phonecalls and whats app messages to the owners of DSM construction, the vast majority of which are completely ignored. Occasionally the owner says he will contact us at a specified time and this invariable does not happen. We have sent emails to the company and contacted them via Facebook.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Helen Meanwell

Grantham , United Kingdom